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Triangle 6 all-conference teams, 2017-18

Green Hope's Nia Washington takes an open shot. The Green Hope Falcons and the Riverside Pirates girls and the Green Hope Falcons and the Panther Creek Catamounts boys played in the Triangle-6 4A Conference basketball tournament championships in Durham on Friday, February 16, 2018.
Green Hope's Nia Washington takes an open shot. The Green Hope Falcons and the Riverside Pirates girls and the Green Hope Falcons and the Panther Creek Catamounts boys played in the Triangle-6 4A Conference basketball tournament championships in Durham on Friday, February 16, 2018. newsobserver.com

The Triangle 6 Conference has announced its all-conference lists and player and coach of the year awards in all fall and winter sports.

Green Hope won conference titles in six fall sports: boys and girls cross country, girls tennis, boys soccer, volleyball and football (and were state champs in volleyball, girls tennis and boys cross country). Athens Drive won the girls golf Tri-6 title. Jordan and Riverside participate in field hockey with schools from other conferences.

In the winter, Cary won the wrestling title (and state title) while Green Hope (which won the state title in boys swimming) won the Tri-6 crown in gymnastics, boys basketball, boys and girls swimming and split with Jordan in girls basketball (Green Hope won both basketball conference tournaments).

In the spring, Jordan won the baseball title, Cary claimed first place in softball and boys track and field, Green Hope took boys golf, girls soccer and boys lacrosse and Panther Creek won girls lacrosse and girls track and field. Green Hope and Panther Creek also split the boys tennis title (Panther Creek won the tiebreaker match for state playoff seeding).


Player of the Year: Aidan Callahan (Green Hope)

Coach of the Year: Chase Kaznowski (Green Hope)


First Team: (Attack) Jack Larkin, Green Hope; Reid Koonce, Athens Drive; Yasir Stroud, Jordan. (Midfield) Isaias Delgado, Green Hope; Jared Halverson, Jordan; Aaron Morgan, Athens Drive; (FOGO) Dillon Rigg, Athens Drive; (Defense) Reilly Kearns, Green Hope; Conor MacDougall, Jordan; Jesus Galindo, Athens Drive; (LSM) Ryan Cammarata, Green Hope; (Goalie) Parker Morrissette, Green Hope; Robert Eigenrauch, Jordan.

Second Team: (Attack) Alex Waller, Athens Drive; Jordan Dash, Jordan; Noah Wilson, Jordan; (Midfield) Jack Perry, Jordan; Christian Alverez, Panther Creek; James Drosdick, Riverside; (FOGO) Connor Taff, Jordan; (Defense) Marco Romero, Panther Creek; Patrick Dunn, Green Hope; Conor Smith, Jordan; (LSM) Kris Fails, Cary; (Goalie) Jack Gelsinger, Athens Drive.

Honorable Mention: (Attack) Ryan Stines, Panther Creek; Pierson White, Green Hope; Justin Ryder, Pinecrest; (Midfield) Jeffery Jensen, Pinecrest; Thatcher Fettig, Cary; Brooks Almond, Green Hope; Gabriel Alverez, Panther Creek; Chris Alcorn, Athens Drive; (Defense) Jack Nickson, Pinecrest; Jackson Goodwin, Athens Drive; Cole Steinhoff, Green Hope; Ryan Volts, Pinecrest; (LSM) Bradley Gelsinger, Athens Drive.


Player of the Year: Jaylen Richard (Jordan)

Coach of the Year: John Green (Green Hope)


Athens Drive’s D.J. Robertson, Lawrence Frost; Cary’s Jett Fortuney, D.J. Horne; Green Hope’s Ryan Shaffer, Chuck Hills; Jordan’s Jaylen Richard, Dadryon Edwards; Panther Creek’s Justin McKoy, Jackson Reid; Riverside’s Christian Johnson.

Honorable Mention:

Green Hope’s P.J. Fenton, Jordan Bates-Williams, Josh Savino; Jordan’s Ben Miller; Panther Creek’s Michael Bramwell.


Player of the Year: Nia Washington (Green Hope)

Coach of the Year: Mike Robinson (Green Hope)


Athens Drive’s Haleigh Crews, Hanna Malik; Cary’s Teonni Key, Ariana Smith; Green Hope’s Sammi Sever, Nia Washington; Jordan’s Imani Howard, Ashley Roberts; Panther Creek’s Zanah Boyd; Riverside’s Ashauntee Nelson, Aijah Perry.

Honorable Mention:

Green Hope’s Catherine Holbrook; Jordan’s Ni’Amoni Bagley; Riverside’s Nala Terry.


Wrestler of the Year: Kobe Early, Cary

Coach of the Year: Anthony Dunbar, Cary


106: Cary’s Aaron Garrigues; Green Hope’s Cole Furrie. 113: Cary’s Kobe Early; Athens Drive’s Faud Busisou. 120: Riverside’s Josh Cox; Green Hope’s Aryan Anero. 126: Riverside’s Jalen Adams; Green Hope’s Tyler Couture. 132: Cary’s Conrad Scheiss; Green Hope’s Jacob Benavente. 138: Cary’s Cymek Shaw; Athens Drive’s Jacob Moore. 145: Athens Drive’s Jason Hurst; Panther Creek’s Bryce Sellers. 152: Cary’s Marlon Toruno; Green Hope’s Lucas Laszacs. 160: Cary’s Wes Alexander; Riverside’s Reggie Snowden. 170: Cary’s Ryan Wolfram; Riverside’s Jatavian Hart. 182: Cary’s Nick Straight; Riverside’s Chuma Ubezonu. 195: Cary’s Dontay Turner; Athens Drive’s Mohammad Husein. 220: Cary’s Davin Vann; Athens Drive’s DeShawn Jones. 285: Cary’s Jordan Glover; Green Hope’s Nick Castro.



Top two finishers in each event: Tri-6 Championships link.


Offensive Player of the Year: Ben Miller, Jordan

Defensive Player of the Year: Chuck Manning, Riverside

Co-Special Teams Player of the Year: Jordyn Adams, Green Hope and Conor MacDougall, Jordan

Coach of the Year: Anthony Barbour, Jordan

All-conference offense:

Athens Drive: R.J. Ruffin, Syncere Bagley, O.J. Flowers, Isaiah Henderson. Cary: Keeyon Hicks, Andrew Smith, Zac Wagner, Luke Sanchez. Green Hope: Jordyn Adams, Blake Watson, Willie Taylor, Jaquel Watkins, Nick Vivona, Bo Ressler. Jordan: Ben Miller, Conor MacDougall, Jaelin Shaw, Kevin Peterson, Zach Atkinson, Sincere Parker. Panther Creek: Joe Sampson, Carson Vinson. Riverside: Garrett Whisnant, Carl Bell Jr.

All-conference defense:

Athens Drive: Isaiah Henderson, Terrance Lowe. Cary: Justin Rodgers, Ryan Wolfram. Green Hope: Paul Robinson, Andrew Becvar, Monte Williams, Chuck Hills. Jordan: Ta’Shaun Taylor, Myles Speller. Panther Creek: Lorenza Surgers, Joe Sampson. Riverside: Chuck Manning, Cam Gerald, DeAndre Covington, Dejon Decruz, Tyreik Winstead.

Jordan quarterback Ben Miller (12) prepares to launch the long pass during the first quarter. The Jordan Falcons took on the Chapel Hill Tigers in Durham, N.C. on September 8, 2017. Jordan wins 52-19. Steven Worthy newsobserver.com


Player of the Year: Liam Camilleri, Panther Creek

Coach of the Year: David Corsbie, Green Hope

All-conference: Athens Drive: Sean Boldrin, Dylan Glickman, Brian Chetwynd. Cary: Carlos Perez, Bilal Natchet. Green Hope: Patrick O’Neill, Dylan Enseling, Connor Brookshire, Matt Hayes. Jordan: Alex Wigger, Spencer Barbera, Sam Loyack. Panther Creek: Liam Camilleri, Noe Varner, Jaden Cross, A.J. DeVivo. Riverside: Christian Maldonado, Anthony Argueta, Alejandro Rabadan.


Player of the Year: Claire Campbell, Athens Drive

Coach of the Year: Karen Garmon, Panther Creek

All-conference: Athens Drive: Claire Campbell, Kelly Kaufmann. Cary: Evie Walls. Green Hope: Sydney Dowler, Taylor Nomanson, Kayla Dowler. Jordan: Morgan Rogers. Panther Creek: Lauren Della, Alani Alderman, Daryn Armstrong, Aleigh Hockaday. Riverside: Darby Heflin, Sydney Pearce.

Honorable mention: Green Hope: Erin McIndoe. Riverside: Abira Reddish. Panther Creek: Rachel Shaffer.


Boys Runner of the Year: Peyton Barish, Green Hope

Girls Runner of the Year: Shannon Sefton, Panther Creek

Boys Coach of the Year: Jerry Dotson, Cary

Girls Coach of the Year: Julie Ross, Green Hope

Boys all-conference: 1. Peyton Barish, Green Hope; 2. Finn McBride, Green Hope; 3. Joey Bream, Panther Creek; 4. Ryan Kemper, Green Hope; 5. Daniel Vo, Green Hope; 6. Anton Idhammar, Cary; 7. Brian Picone, Cary; 8. Jarred Komyati, Panther Creek; 9. Thomas Vo, Green Hope; 10. Stephen Atkinson, Cary; 11. Reed Blackman, Green Hope; 12. Ares Epps, Green Hope; 13. Spencer Cowley, Green Hope; 14. Griffin Nicholas, Cary.

Girls all-conference: 1. Shannon Sefton, Panther Creek; 2. Kelsey Vogel, Green Hope; 3. Tess Davila, Green Hope; 4. Julia Patterson, Panther Creek; 5. Ceara Gannon, Jordan; 6. Jordan Landis, Riverside; 7. Catherine Holbrook, Green Hope; 8. Bailey Fowler, Green Hope; 9. Natasha Abramowicz, Green Hope; 10. Lydia Connor, Panther Creek; 11. Sophia Veilleux, Green Hope; 12. Zoey Davila, Green Hope; 13. Allessandra Rodriguez, Green Hope; 14. Abby Patterson, Panther Creek.


Player of the Year: Katie Andreini, Green Hope

Coach of the Year: Pam Gilbert, Green Hope

All-conference: Green Hope: Anna Rico, Katie Andreini, Sophia Gray, Rindha Suddini. Panther Creek: Bella Steffen, Melody Zhang, Leann Blanc, Halle Fernstrum.


Player of the Year: Jennifer Chang, Athens Drive

Coach of the Year: Henry Hammond, Athens Drive

First team all-conference: 1. Jennifer Chang, Athens Drive; 2. Kayla Parsons, Athens Drive; 3. Halynn Lee, Green Hope; 4. Lauren Nee, Green Hope; 5. Anika Bhatnager, Green Hope; 6. Megan Morris, Panther Creek.

Second team all-conference: 7. Laila Jones, Athens Drive; 8. Tyla McAffity, Athens Drive; 9. Jessica Nee, Green Hope; 10. Rilee Stout, Panther Creek; 11. Juliana Mudd, Panther Creek; 12. Haylie George, Panther Creek.


Offensive Player of the Year: Sasha Bull, East Chapel Hill and Ines Yofre, Chapel Hill

Defensive Player of the Year: Mia Barbieri, Cardinal Gibbons


First team: East Chapel Hill: Sasha Bull, Katie Agatucci, Isabel Long, Lydia Treml, Natalie Enyedi. Cardinal Gibbons: Mia Barbieri, Georgia Kelso, Gabby Young, Elle Freedman. Chapel Hill: Ines Yofre, Bryn Davis, Christina Valentin. Carrboro: Sydney Mosteller, Mackenzie Cox. Jordan: Delaney Parfitt.

Second team: East Chapel Hill: Elizabeth Agatucci, Leah Hurwitz. Cardinal Gibbons: Ella Reeves Vaughn, Grace Nelson. Chapel Hill: Allison Laufenberg, Alleigh Kempf, Ryann Brinkman. Carrboro: Kally Kummick, Audrey Carson. Jordan: Madeleine Yancy. Riverside: Evie Foraker, Molly Woods.

*Jordan and Riverside are the only two Tri-6 schools with field hockey, so they play in a conference with Cardinal Gibbons from the Cap-7, Carrboro from the Mid-State 2A and East Chapel Hill and Chapel Hill from the Big Eight.