Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers still taking about Kavanaugh and his accuser

White male guilt

The guest column by Allan Preyer (“Kavanaugh et al: Accounting for a question-worthy past,” Oct 7) was a classic example of white male guilt that was transposed on another person, with plenty of assumptions but no evidence.

Never mind that no other people were able to give any direct support to Dr. Blasey Ford’s story. Never mind that Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior has apparently been exemplary his entire public life. Never mind that numerous women supported Kavanaugh against these claims of attempted rape and wild parties. Never mind that this entire process appears to have been leaked by Sen. Feinstein or her staff so it would become a public spectacle, apparently against the wishes of Dr Blasey Ford. And never mind that “innocent until proven guilty” now has selective gender applications.

What should bother reasonable people is the carefully planned attempts to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation by the Democrat senators. Reasonable people should be outraged by the attempts at mob rule instigated and paid for by the Democrats. This was a victory of reason and evidence over character assassination and mob rule.

It is shameful how the left is now viciously attacking Sen.r Susan Collins for her incredibly courageous and reasoned presentation to the Senate on why she voted to affirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. So the Democrat support for women halts if the women is conservative or Republican. Indeed, it becomes hostile. You don’t like President Trump’s personality? I get that. But will the left also find the behavior of Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Blumenthal, et al to be offensive?

If Trump’s accomplishments in his two years as president had been done by President Obama, the left would be hailing them as the greatest accomplishments ever by a president.

John Toffaletti


Shout it out

There is a story about the preacher who wrote in the margins of his sermon text, “Weak point. Shout like hell!” Evidently Brett Kavanaugh must have had those words written throughout his text. His was a weak and disgusting performance that revealed a person who sorely lacks the temperament to be a judge, much less to sit on the nation’s highest court.

None of the Judiciary Committee’s Republican majority has the guts and decency to risk their congressional majority to agree to pursue a FBI background investigation into the several serious allegations against the nominee. In such an inquiry the FBI would, I presume, be contacting people directly related to the allegations — people who would not have been in the picture when the FBI did earlier investigations of Kavanaugh.

Dr. Ford emerged as a courageous American hero. Kavanaugh emerged as a jerk, whose likely presence on the Supreme Court will compromise the court’s integrity for years to come.

Jackson Carroll


Price disappoints

As a long-term Independent, I am chagrined by the calumny displayed by the letter in Wednesday’s newspaper by David Price (“‘Extremely partisan’ Kavanaugh confirmation disappoints”) as well as other letter writers.

He knows, but does not mention, that Judge Kavanaugh was more thoroughly investigated, had more documents and court decisions to review, and had more corroboration of his character and accomplishments than any other candidate for the Supreme Court in history. His claims about future decisions that Justice Kavanaugh might make are, at best, entirely speculative and grossly unfair.

We should want a justice who is a strict constitutionalist and not one who makes law from the bench rather than to interpret law and to rule on the constitutionality of laws. Mr. Kavanaugh is a highly recognized authority in this respect by many judicial members, regardless of party affiliation.

While Dr. Ford gave very emotional and believable testimony, that does not pass the basic tests of our judicial system or logic. If she had truly wanted justice and not a political circus, surely she is intelligent enough to know that she could have presented her case to the legal justice system and not to blow up the political process.

Fairness?? The entire process reeks of deceit, political bias, and gross unfairness. If you believe in a fair justice system, you should get out and vote your conscience and hopefully you will exercise logic more than emotion in doing so.

Philip Pearce