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Price: ‘Extremely partisan’ Kavanaugh confirmation disappoints

An extremely partisan judge

Editor’s note: Congressman David Price (D-NC) released the following statement Saturday after the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I’m deeply disappointed by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

From the start, we’ve known Brett Kavanaugh was an extremely partisan judge, handpicked by ideological interest groups hellbent on undermining voting rights, unions, environmental protection, and reproductive freedom. In addition, his views on executive authority underscore the urgent need for Congress to protect the special counsel investigation.

The examination of Judge Kavanaugh was hampered from the start by the White House’s refusal to release highly relevant records from his political service. Sens. Leahy and Durbin in particular cited instances where he had been less than truthful. And then came several credible claims of sexual misconduct. Asked to respond, he displayed a remarkable lack of judicial temperament, attacking Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee and alleging political conspiracies against him.

Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a tremendous step backward for an independent judiciary, an impartial confirmation process, and a thorough examination of the background of nominees. Furthermore, President Trump and Senate Republicans have sent a message to would-be sexual aggressors that their misconduct may well go unpunished, and to victims that they may not only be ignored, but actually publicly ridiculed.

U.S. Rep David Price

Chapel Hill

Powerful men out of touch

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.), Judiciary Committee, stated on national TV Friday, “I didn’t even know sexual assault was a problem in our country. When I told women in my life this, their response was ‘What planet did you parachute in from?’”

How can powerful men with this kind of world view possibly seek the truth about whether a sexual assault survivor is truthful when they lack basic knowledge related to the issue? They can’t!

Dr. Ford requested the senators hear from a trauma survivor professional along with her testimony. This request was denied so the final confirmation vote would not be delayed. Political expediency took priority over being fully informed, fact finding and the truth. The senators possessed no knowledge of the effects of trauma on a person, how trauma affects memories of the event, the effects of it on the person’s life. Instead of seeking the truth, they sought to keep an arbitrary timeline only for political reasons. And Dr. Ford suffered trauma yet again.

If the GOP members of the Judiciary Committee were seeking the truth, they would have acknowledged their lack of expertise prior to hearing her testimony and sought to obtain knowledge they lacked. Instead, the truth wasn’t sought or found and the least popular SCOTUS nominee in modern history was confirmed while sexual survivors across the country were yet again marginalized.

April Perry


This ‘rube’ wont be snookered

Buying a “pig in a poke” means buying something without knowing what it is. That’s what the cynics in the state legislature want us to do by approving the proposed constitutional amendments. Sure, they have descriptions of what the amendments are about, but to steal a line from another politician, “we have to pass it to know what’s in it.”

The actual language of the amendments will be written after they are approved. Amending the state constitution should not be done lightly. There should be a need that requires going beyond the usual legislative measures. Are hunting and fishing threatened in North Carolina? The state income tax rate is well below the current cap, do we need to lower the cap right now? Victims rights are important. Could they be expanded and assured with regular legislation rather than an amendment? Is the frequency of voting fraud so great that voters need to show identification?

The last, the legislature’s attempt to make voter ID constitutional, can still be overturned in federal court. The others may be just a smokescreen so that the two amendments taking more power away from the governor can be passed. A power grab? You can bet your next low-income tax paycheck on it. As one of the rubes the legislature wants to snooker into doing its bidding I am deeply insulted by the implication that we are all too stupid to notice when we are being sold, you guessed it, “a pig in a poke.”

Robert L. Porreca


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