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08/22 What You’re Saying: David D. Peterson, Vincent Licenziato, Sidney B. Harr, and Conrad Conero

Jesus and socialism

A letter writer (Aug. 15) described socialism as “a failed system in which there is no private property ... 0ur rights [which presumably include private property] are given from above.”

I note however that this prescriptive entity “above” cannot be the Christian god. We know from historical records that the early Christians held all property in common. Obviously Jesus must have endorsed this practice.

Is the writer assuming that they decided to disobey Jesus immediately upon his leaving this earth? Or perhaps the writer is referring to some other supernatural being; he does not say.

David D. Peterson


Civil war truths

Regarding David Richardson’s letter “Put the Statue Back Up,” I’ll use his own words.

People who advocate to keep these statues up “know nothing of history except the spoon-fed propaganda” of the Lost Cause.

Learn the truth about the Civil War.

Vincent Licenziato


Facts in Mangum case ignored

On Aug. 15, Crystal Mangum had a motions hearing in the Durham Courthouse as part of her malicious prosecution complaint, related to the two-count charge of Larceny of Chose in Action of which she was found not guilty in her 2013 murder trial.

To begin with, Ms. Mangum was at extreme disadvantage because she had been incarcerated for many years, had no laptop, no internet access, no law library accommodations, and no legal training. She was brought into the courtroom five minutes after the session opened, thereby effectively preventing her from engaging in pre-hearing conversation with me. Though wearing leggings, her hands were cuffed in front of her with only few links for separation.

In her presentation, Ms. Mangum told the judge she wanted to bring a witness to testify. The recent Gov. Cooper-appointed judge turned to the prosecution’s attorneys from the Durham City Attorney’s Office and NC Attorney General’s Office and asked if they had any objections. They replied, “Depends on who.” Judge Carolyn Thompson then queried Mangum who responded “Sidney B. Harr.” Upon hearing this both protested, spewing irrelevant tripe about me. I made an attempt, albeit from the gallery, to counter their comments and was threatened with ejection for addressing the court. (Evidently, only lawyers are able to speak to the judge during court.) The judge sustained the defendants’ objection; I wouldn’t be testifying.

After making unflattering and unopposed remarks about me, both attorneys moved the judge for a “gatekeeper’s ruling” (an injunction to prevent me from filing any future documents in Durham County without court permission). I attempted to address the court in my defense, but was stopped and strictly admonished by Judge Thompson. Their motion against me was granted, despite the facts that I was not a party in the case being heard, and that I was not allowed to be heard by the judge.

Needless to say, the judge ruled against Mangum at every turn. Despite introduction of my 70-page document of exhibits being entered into evidence, the judge did not take her ruling under advisement for its consideration. The facts of Mangum’s innocence and criminal guilt of state witnesses were denied contemplation by the court, just as they have been ignored by the offices of the governor, attorney general and district attorney.

Sidney Harr


Chess club says thanks

Thanks for continuing to run the notice of the Durham Chess Club meetings in your Daybook. It has brought in a number of new members over the past few months.

Conrad Conero

Director, Durham Chess Club

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