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NC driver’s license waits have become downright dangerous

Licenses take too long

Recently, I had to wait for four hours to get a Real ID driver’s license at the NC motor vehicle office on South Miami boulevard in Durham. Arguments broke out among people waiting in line when others cut the line. Police had to be called.

The line snaked around the parking lot in sweltering heat. Sometimes only one or two examiners were working. We were told that there were unfilled vacancies. We were given a hot line to call, but were immediately disconnected.

Why does the legislature not adequately fund DOT to hire more examiners? Driver’s licenses and Real IDs are and will be needed to meet federal and NC state requirements. There is a proposed amendment to require a photo ID for voting. Working people will lose a day’s pay to get a driver’s license or photo ID. Why does the DOT and NC legislature make it so time consuming to acquire these?

Kurt Becker


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Put the statue back up

Re your news story “Protesters brought down the Durham Confederate statue a year ago. Some want it restored.”

Seeing them pull down that monument still makes my blood boil. It’s vandalism, and the police just stood back and let it happen, and the courts let the hooligans off. The only justice left is to put the statue back up. The people who are screaming that it offends them know nothing of history except the spoon-fed propaganda that passes for a public education these days.

David Richardson

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A treasonous war

Re your news story “Protesters brought down the Durham Confederate statue a year ago. Some want it restored.”

They should put up a new bronze plaque on that statue and all the remaining ones that says something like this:

“These men fought a treasonous war against the United States of America. They were defending what they thought was their god given right to own, exploit and brutalize African slaves that were brought to America chained in slave ships against their will. The slaves built huge fortunes for these so called Christian owners . Families still profit today from old money gained from shipping,insuring,industrial and agricultural fortunes made from this blight on American history!”

Bob Vasile

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Thank you, Tammy Grubb

Reporter Tammy Grubb keeps Chapel Hill well informed about all developments. I always appreciate her reporting as accurate summaries of what is being contemplated or happening in Chapel Hill, but her very balanced interviewing in the lead article about retail and offices in the Blue Hill district (“Can Chapel Hill force developers to build more stores, offices, in Blue Hill district?” Aug. 6) is especially helpful.

Thank you to The Herald-Sun and Tammy Grubb for keeping us informed in a timely way.

Lynne Kane

Chapel Hill

Socialism hardly utopian

Regarding the Aug. 8 political cartoon in your paper, you left out some information; “Socialism: a FAILED SYSTEM in which the means of production are owned by the state and there is no private property.” Our rights as Americans, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness are given from above. To anyone who thinks socialism is utopian, I encourage you to vacation in Venezuela. Just be sure to bring your own toilet paper & food.

Michael Whittingham


Who is Pitts to judge?

Having read the column “Why is any mention of God met with condescension?” by Leonard Pitts Jr. on July 31, I would ask him a question.

What is Christian about you saying our president “could not be less Christian if he had three sixes carved into his forehead”? Who are you to judge who is Christian and who is not?

Jacqueline Rangel

Calabash, NC

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