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11/22 Your letters: Jim Russo and Ken Jones

Police compassion

I want to thank Colin Warren-Hicks for “Police charge her with stealing food, buy her groceries” (Nov. 7) on the compassion of Hillsborough officers Keith Bradshaw and Candace Sprague. After they arrested Theresa West for stealing food and realized she really needed help, they took money out of their own pockets to buy groceries for her family. For that, officers Bradshaw and Sprague deserve an invitation to the White House to be recognized for representing the finest traditions of American law enforcement.

I’m a leftist Democrat, and I’m as fed up as anyone over police abuse of defenseless people. But a key to restore public admiration for law enforcement is to give much more coverage to heroic cops like Keith Bradshaw and Candace Sprague. May their kind increase and multiply.

Jim Russo


Piper is waiting

Here we go again. Republicans are again trying to dust off and polish their old “trickle down” economic policies. The idea is that if you cut taxes and encourage the rich to spend and invest, the economy will magically grow like a mushroom after a monsoon. The economic growth will increase tax receipts, making up for the tax cuts.

As much as they – and we – want to believe, it doesn’t work. We tried it in the 1980s and the yearly deficits tripled. We tried it in the early 2000s and government spending went from a $300 billion surplus to a $500 billion deficit. We then experienced the worst economic collapse in 75 years. Spending went way up and tax receipts went way down to the point that receipts covered only two-thirds of yearly spending.

The U.S. now owes about one year’s total economic output ($19 trillion). Economists disagree about how long this can continue, but at some point the piper must always be paid. No one can seriously argue that the U.S. tax code does not need reform, but the case for tax cuts being part of that reform is based on wishful thinking.

Ken Jones

Chapel Hill

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