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With key Democrats’ help, Dan McCready has raised big money for possible new election

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Election fraud investigation

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Since mid-December, Democrat Dan McCready has raised $500,000 toward a new election in the 9th Congressional District, his campaign announced Friday.

Whether there will even be a new election is still unclear.

McCready trails Republican Mark Harris by 905 votes in unofficial returns from the November election. But the State Board of Elections twice declined to certify Harris’ election amid allegations of election fraud centered around Bladen County absentee ballots.

On Monday a Wake County judge refused the Harris campaign’s request to compel the board’s director to certify the election. That moves the dispute back to a new elections board that will be appointed by Jan. 31.

The new board is expected to hold an evidentiary hearing on the allegations. It could certify the race or call for a new election.

McCready began actively fundraising in December. Three announced Democratic presidential candidates — Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand — made fundraising appeals on his behalf.

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Fundraising reports are due next week at the Federal Election Commission. McCready’s full report was unavailable Friday.

Jason Williams, Harris’ campaign manager, said Harris is “not in an active campaign.”

“Mark Harris is the Congressman-elect, and since his election on November 6, he has been working tirelessly preparing to represent the citizens of the 9th District,” Williams said in a statement. He said Harris has been assembling a staff, organizing district offices and “actively speaking with elected officials and community leaders throughout the district about issues that they need help with.”

McCready’s campaign said the average donation over the last five weeks was $22.17.

“People are standing up to defend our democracy against corrupt politicians who would steal votes and silence the people’s voices, just to gain power for themselves,” McCready said in a statement.

The 9th District was North Carolina’s most expensive congressional race in 2018. McCready raised $6.1 million to Harris’ $2.1 million. Outside groups spent another $8 million.

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