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Home Depot announces 360 new jobs in Raleigh and Durham

Courtesy of The Home Depot

The Home Depot wants to hire 360 people for permanent, part-time work in Raleigh and Durham.

The home improvement company sells appliances, construction materials and gardening tools.

Spokesman Matt Harrigan called the spring the company’s busiest selling season.

“With our costumers working on their spring projects or spring cleanup projects, it's almost like holiday season is for other retailers,” Harrigan said.

In addition to the part-time jobs, Home Depot has full-time, seasonal openings for cashiers and salespeople, as well as in operations and online order fulfillment.

Home Depot has eight locations in the Raleigh and Durham area, meaning that each store has 45 job openings.

“In years past, nearly 50 percent our seasonal hires transition into permanent roles with the company,” Harrigan said. “So its definitely a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.”

The company has 10 locations in the Charlotte area in which there are now 450 new job openings.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

Applicants can apply to work within Home Depot stores or within the company’s distribution facilities.

The unemployment rate in both Durham and Raleigh was 3.8 percent in December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The official rate covers people who have been looked for work in the prior four weeks and are available to work.

The bureau’s “underutilization rate,” which includes people who are working part time but would prefer full time work, among other groups not captured in the unemployment rate, was 8.1 percent in North Carolina in 2017, according to Jan. 26 update.

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