Carolina Panthers

Panthers kicker Graham Gano tried to play kickball with kids. It didn't end well.

If you've ever wondered what it might look like to see a celebrated NFL kicker in a kickball game with children, check out Graham Gano's Twitter feed.

The Carolina Panthers' kicker, who is among the best in the league, decided this week to join his wife and kids in a kickball game in the driveway, and it took him just 17 seconds to spoil their fun.

A video clip of the moment posted Tuesday on Twitter and it has gotten 2.57 million views, 73,000 reactions and 17,000 retweets.

"Got home today and my family was playing kickball so I joined in," Gano posted with the video. "The only rule is that I’m not allowed to kick it hard. So here is my first at bat."

It's tough to decide the best part of what followed: Gano's hilarious victory lap, or the way his wife and kids stood blank-faced and silent, as if knowing this was a bad idea from the start.

"The Ganos were left to watch the ball leave the driveway, lost in the trees, never to return," wrote Deadspin in reaction to the video. "Time to switch to the basketball hoop."

Sports Illustrated called Gano a "kickball cheat," while SBNation observed: "This should be a lesson to all of you: Do not play kickball with an NFL kicker."

A few news outlets noted "playground rules" demand Gano be the one to go hunt down the lost ball. However, it's not clear he did.

Gano is known for his dry sense of humor on social media, including a post earlier this year of him proudly modeling a pair of lion-patterned boxer shorts.

"It's safe to say the Ganos probably won't be letting their father get involved in another friendly game of kickball anytime soon," wrote 24/

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