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Central Tar Heel all-conference teams, 2017-18

Research Triangle goalkeeper Chandler Frye makes a save during the boys soccer game against Raleigh Charter, which was played in Cary on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Raleigh Charter won 5-1.
Research Triangle goalkeeper Chandler Frye makes a save during the boys soccer game against Raleigh Charter, which was played in Cary on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Raleigh Charter won 5-1. newsobserver.com

The Central Tar Heel Conference has announced its all-conference lists and player and coach of the year awards in all fall and winter sports.

In the fall, Research Triangle won the girls cross country and boys soccer titles. Raleigh Charter won the girls tennis and boys cross country titles. The volleyball championship was shared between Raleigh Charter and Chatham Central.

In the winter, Chatham Central won wrestling and girls basketball titles and the boys basketball tournament. Research Triangle won the boys basketball crown in the regular season.


Player of the Year: Zaire Stukes (Research Triangle)

Coach of the Year: Ryan Griffin (Research Triangle)

Sportsmanship Award: Woods Charter


Zaire Stukes (Research Triangle); Fleet Morgan (Woods Charter); Chase Mebane (River Mill Academy); Jason Foulks (Chatham Charter); Noah Benjamin (Raleigh Charter); Matthew Morgan (Chatham Central); Beau Bryant (Research Triangle); Tony Kressevich (Research Triangle); Cade Culberson (Chatham Charter); Jamie Degraffenreaidt (Chatham Central); Jacob Schuster (Raleigh Charter).

Honorable Mention:

Michael Moore (Chatham Central); Cameron Person (Chatham Central); Will Blackman (Raleigh Charter); Matt Moody (Chatham Charter); Jordan Hamilton (Chatham Charter).


Player of the Year: Matti Moore (Chatham Central)

Coach of the Year: Lynda Burke (Chatham Central)

Sportsmanship Award: Chatham Central


Matti Moore (Chatham Central); Camryn McClure (Raleigh Charter); Mercedez King (River Mill Academy); Abby Elkins (Chatham Central); Maddy Elkins (Chatham Central); Morgan Lineberry (Chatham Central); Morgan Mebane (River Mill Academy); Danielle Vaughn (Woods Charter); Trinity French (River Mill); Braxton Hamlin (Research Triangle); Lindsay Batten (Chatham Central).



Chatham Central: Andrew Hicks, Shannon King, Jordan Harris, Maverick Smith, Kaleb Jordan, Cole Armstrong.

Chatham Charter: Chandler Steele, Preston Coble, James Womack, Ben Lineberry, Michael Brannon.


Honorable mention: Michael Moore, Chatham Central.


Player of the Year: Drew DiSerafino, Raleigh Charter

Goalkeeper of the Year: Chandler Frye, Research Triangle

Coach of the Year: Jay Liotta, Research Triangle

Sportsmanship: Chatham Central

All-conference: Research Triangle: Travis Barker, Bennett Hudson, Xavier Randle, Yousif Sirriyah. Raleigh Charter: Sayak Basu, Jackson Bronack, Drew DiSerafino, Edward Estrada, Chandler Frye, Bubu Owusu, Ben Perrin. Chatham Central: Abad de la Sancha. Woods Charter: Miles McLean, Fleet Morgan, Max Moses, Luka Noranha. Chatham Charter: Cordell Wanless.

Honorable Mention: Chatham Central: Elliott Soriano. Chatham Charter: Kolby Riddle, Baggio Rodriguez. Raleigh Charter: Cole Estrada. Research Triangle: Ben Abbott, Jayden Itejere, Nathan LaFauci. River Mill Academy: Ricky Ortega, Jonah Whitney. Woods Charter: Lucas Homovich, Kyle Howarth.


Player of the Year: Madison Brna, Raleigh Charter

Coach of the Year: Dal Langston, Chatham Central

Sportsmanship: Research Triangle

All-conference: Raleigh Charter: Madison Brna, Reagan Ogburn, Maddie Smith, Sophie Sun. Chatham Central: Bailey Barker, Kaitlyn Baxter. Research Triangle: Morgan Davis, Caroline Wendelburg. Woods Charter: Tyler Deegan. River Mill Academy: Trinity French. Chatham Charter: Savannah Gaskins, Farrah Ritter.

Honorable mention: Chatham Central: Jaison Ellis, Skyler Edwards, Katelyn Johnson, Regina Martin. Chatham Charter: Morgan Lineberry, Breanna Spinks, Sydney Bowman. River Mill Academy: Haley Bradshaw, Kayelee Glazenbrook, India Goode. Woods Charter: Samantha Crutchfield.


Boys Runner of the Year: Caleb Johnson, Chatham Central

Girls Runner of the Year: Caroline Foley, Research Triangle

Boys Coach of the Year: Merideth Alexander, Raleigh Charter

Girls Coach of the Year: Sarah Reid (Research Triangle

Sportsmanship: Raleigh Charter (boys), Woods Charter (girls)

Boys all-conference: 1.Caleb Johnson, Chatham Central; 2. Noah Benjamin, Raleigh Charter; 3. Thomas Moore, Raleigh Charter; 4. Nick Teta, Woods Charter; 5. Calvin Koonce, Raleigh Charter; 6. Robert Pilson, Raleigh Charter; 7. Milan Desai, Research Triangle; 8. Cordell Wanless, Chatham Charter; 9. Abel Maasho, Research Triangle; 10. Josh Lewis, Research Triangle.

Girls all-conference: 1.Caroline Foley, Research Triangle; 2. Victoria Swepson, Research Triangle; 3. Gillian Scott, Raleigh Charter; 4. Chesney Crowley, Chatham Central; 5. Caitlin Beavers, Chatham Central; 6. McCarty Hudson, Research Triangle; 7. Ember Penney, Woods Charter; 8. Katie Vick, Raleigh Charter; 9. Annie O’Neill, Raleigh Charter; 10. Hayley Mashburn, Chatham Central.


Player of the Year: Camryn McClure, Raleigh Charter

Coach of the Year: Jennifer Furr, Raleigh Charter

Sportsmanship: Chatham Central

All-conference: Raleigh Charter: Camryn McClure; Blair King; Emma Rowe; Vedika Birla. Chatham Central: Lindsey Batten; Matti Moore; Taylor Hughes; Lauren Collins. Chatham Charter: Megan Coble, Rachel Brookshire. Research Triangle: Diane Gildehaus.

Honorable mention: Reeha Nidamarty, Research Triangle; Claire White, Raleigh Charter; Cami Hughes, Chatham Central.


Player of the Year: Mackensi Vincent, River Mill Academy

All-conference: Mackensi Vincent, River Mill Academy; Matti Moore, Chatham Central; Gillian Kitchings, Chatham Central.

*Chatham Central plays in the Yadkin Valley Conference in football.