Goodies make for the perfect fishing-trip menu

There must be a mathematical formula.

It is early in the afternoon and we are on a vessel in the Gulf Stream, waiting for a fish to bite. Literally, it seems as though with every passing moment without not even a nibble, that someone is hungry. At one junction when the passing moments have become too many passing moments all six guys on the boat are all eating. Out from bags and coolers are cookies, pickles, chips, pound cake, snack cakes, pieces of cured meat, peanut butter, and there is definitely no fruit.

I am reminded, in observing this phenomenon, that when the line is tight and when the hooks find their places and a fish pulls, that there are actually moments when there is no time to eat or to drink. It is as if the catching of fish is single handily the saving grace from keeping an angler from swelling to obesity and or keeping a happy angler, hungry.

Food on a boat or food in the cooler, by the shore, is almost as staple and necessity as hooks and bait.

Perhaps it is reality escape or maybe it is the concept that sustenance eat by the water stays by the water and nobody really tells the doctor or the spouse how many chips or how good the cookies were. It is as if fishing and the act of chasing fish eliminates our diets and we venture off into the deep, dark, bottom of a chip bag, laced with barbecue sauce and pepper and pickles, for another handful of bad goodness. At my house, packing for a fishing trip begins in the pantry and the cookie jar and the refrigerator and then we find the fishing tackle, always.

Then there are foodie superstitions. It is lore and myth and known and truth that fishing boats, no matter the size or species or body of water, shall remain banana-free environments. It is rumored that bananas floating were signs of a wrecked ship at sea.

I have seen captains become cursing sailors at the discovery of bananas. This discovery results in sailing fruit from the boat. Typically this aversion to bananas also implies to flavored products, too, such as sun tan lotion, Chap Stick, and anything that could have banana flavoring.

In addition, superstitions also have good associations, too. For instance, on our boat when we fish, it is a must that oatmeal cream pies accompany us on our trek offshore. We have seen and experienced the moment that mouth meets morsel and fish meets bait and hook meets fish. For sure, it was no coincidence that the fish ate the bait while we were eating the treat.

In a game of luck and chase and overt surprise and being at the mercy of an unpredictable creature, there is an absolute and a scientific connection to the food we are eating at that moment a fish decides to bite.

Likewise, there must also be a complicated mathematical formula that describes calorie intake and the lack of fish being caught.

Enjoy your time outdoors.