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Letters: Tax cut for the 1 percent was a Republican ripoff

Tax cut a Republican ripoff

Last year, congressional Republicans presented the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans with a $1.5 trillion tax cut. Those individuals and corporations were already rich — they did not need that. But GOP legislators gave it to them anyway.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell came out whining about the increasing federal deficit — blaming it on so-called “entitlements,” a derogatory term conservatives use to describe Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, or any other federal program designed to help the less fortunate.

He insists that the only way to fix the deficit is to slash these provisions which are so crucial to the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed. Yet, last December, when they passed the ludicrous, extravagant tax cut for the rich, the deficit was the furthest thing from their minds. They increased the wealth of a small minority of people who were already rich, and didn’t even need it — and they want to pay for it by ripping off the weakest, most vulnerable members of our society! This is inexcusable.

The Republican Party has been in power long enough. They have become greedy, corrupt and self-serving. It is time for them to go.

Mike Christian


The path to economic justice

Dear Democrats,

Glad to see you are busy in your pursuits for “social justice”: tearing down statues, renaming towns, etc....

Perhaps your efforts would be better served by addressing real issues of the day; the slaughter of minorities that is occurring in our city streets, as well as in abortion clinics.

I may not agree with all our current president is doing, but putting people back to work is a great path to economic justice.

Your current activities truly amount to nothing more than chasing windmills.

Michael Whittingham


Hamilton + Durham = Showstopper

Did you know that the Durham Performing Arts Center, DPAC, is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary? This happens to coincide with the opening of “Hamilton,” the highest grossing Broadway show ever, which is getting ready to kick off its four-week run at the theater.

“Hamilton” will likely bring a lot of new visitors to Durham as well as some folks who haven’t visited for years. To help patrons make the most of their visit, our marketing team worked closely with DPAC to produce a visually appealing digital piece to help theatergoers discover more to see and do in Durham, and to encourage an extended stay or return visit.

So, whether you’re coming for Hamilton or just want to see how we encourage people to explore Durham, take a look and immerse yourself in a bold, vibrant Durham at www.durhamarts.com. DPAC is also expecting their 4 millionth guest in the upcoming weeks. In celebration of the milestone, DPAC is asking members of the community to nominate someone to be the “Special 4 Millionth Guest.” This very special guest will be invited to have a “VIP Night Out”, including a pair of seats to Hamilton on Nov. 7.

Know someone deserving of this honor? Nominations for DPAC’s 4 millionth guest can be submitted via this entry portal: bit.ly/2NOkwAH

Shelly Green

President and CEO

Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau

Whales and sharks and humans

I watched a cable show about sharks. The researcher concluded that Orca killer whales eat the livers of sharks. However it was made clear that there were different “cultures” of whales: some eat mammals like seals, others fish and then there are those that eat sharks. Whales that eat sharks will teach their young to do the same. How these whales evolved to such behavior or why was not clear. The shark become vulnerable to the whales because if a shark is flipped over onto it back it becomes comatose ... giving the whale the advantage.

I thought of human culture and civilization and the trans-formative power of the love of God. Animals can be conditioned, computers... programmed but only a human life can be transformed. Romans 12:1-3 “...Be ye not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed...”

Brenda Buie Burnette


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