Letters to the Editor

Letters: Voting with my wallet and sticking with Trump

Numbers don’t lie

It is often said people vote with their wallet. If so, then vote Roger Allison for Congress in District One.

Numbers don’t lie. I am doing better economically and suspect you are too. The economy is booming.

As a successful businessman and patriot, it is clear Trump is rocking it! His administration in a little under two years has accomplished a lot: Taxes are lower. Wages are up. The stock market is up 27 percent. 4 million jobs have been created. Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high. The unemployment rate, 3.7 percent, is the lowest since 1969

The choice is yours! I am sticking with this Republican president, House of Representatives and Senate. Vote Republican. Vote Roger Allison for Congress. Send G.K. Butterfield into retirement. He needs a rest.

Jeffrey Derry


No gloating

Regarding “Conservatives are wrong to gloat about Kavanaugh” (Oct. 9), I agree with David Marcus that there is not much to gloat about here. Let’s be real, Brett Kavanaugh is just not Supreme Court caliber.

But then Marcus mentions a more conservative judicial branch unlocking “heretofore locked doors” on “gun control.” My goodness, is he advocating making guns even more prevalent than they are now? To my way of thinking, the NRA with Republican support already has the key to the lock on gun control, and they will block any legislation that reduces gun violence.

But that’s not all. Marcus fears Democrats would turn the Supreme Court into “a third elected branch of the federal government.” Does he not realize that Mitch McConnell destroyed Supreme Court non-partisanship when he stonewalled the nomination of Merrick Garland?

Lastly, Marcus states that President Trump’s bluster “pushes (Republicans) farther from the new center of conservative power.” Does he not know where that center is? It is whatever seat Trump is sitting in. Most moderate conservatives I follow are now Independents.

John May

Chapel Hill

Daddy could fix this

My daddy was quiet and a non-confrontational kinda guy — except at home.

Our house was and still is surrounded by a fence. On the other side some guys used to hang out. They had their make shift benches and chairs where they would sit talk and drink.

One morning about 2 or 3 a.m. Daddy put on his coveralls and removed all the stuff from the makeshift park. There was a tree across the street. An individual who Daddy thought looked suspicious sat under that tree every day, all day.

“Don’t you think he is sitting over there watching the house?” Daddy asked. I don’t know how he managed it, but the tree was cut down.

There was a leak on our property behind a little grocery store that my family used to run. One day I told Daddy I had a dream that I found that leak. He put his coveralls on and dug a hole and found the leaky pipe. This was six months before he passed away. Yeah, my daddy, David Whitefield Buie Sr., would have solved the problem of Silent Sam.

Brenda Buie Burnette