Letters to the Editor

Kavanaugh fundamentally unfit for the job

I gave him a pass, and he failed

Much to the chagrin of my fellow feminists, I gave Kavanaugh a pass for his “boyish exploits” in high school and college. research shows that 17-year-olds are self-absorbed idiots who don’t start becoming rational humans until their early 20s.

His position and upbringing as a marginally competent white male from an affluent family educated at elite private schools and raised to be a “boys will be boys” boy only exacerbated these tendencies, shaping them into a particular type of entitlement that business directors, surgeons, professional athletes, and politicians frequently possess – it makes them unpleasant people, but good at their jobs.

So, yes, I assumed that he had outgrown his adolescent self. Further, I would have continued to have given little weight to his early missteps had he owned them. The “right answer” to the questions raised by Dr. Ford and his college buddies would have acknowledged his privilege and commented on how such upbringing, while wonderful and constructive in many ways, encouraged young men like him to behave inappropriately by failing to impose consequences for all sorts of bad acts in which they engaged.

His answer would have alluded to (if not admitted to – after all, he was trying to become a Supreme Court Justice) illegal underage drinking, alcohol abuse, and aggressive misogynistic and bigoted behavior. His answer would have then turned to what he learned from those negative experiences, thoughtfully revealing how self-aware he had become and how he became a champion for women, how he worked to even the playing field that had always started him close to the goal line while others less privileged had to traverse the full 100 yards to score in life.

But then he spoke, revealing that his character has not changed one iota. Everything he said and how he said it showed he is still the entitled, belligerent, misogynistic, bigoted, lying, self-absorbed idiot he was at age 17. He is profoundly unfit for the job of Supreme Court justice.

So yes, I gave him a pass for his behavior 35 years ago, but not for his behavior now. He failed his job interview. Move on to the next candidate.

Anne Brumbaugh