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Senatorial hypocrisy: Thom Tillis, Brett Kavanaugh and Merrick Garland

Tillis disappoints

This morning, I read with disappointment, but sadly not with surprise, Sen. Thom Tillis’ comments on the judicial hearing (“Tillis: Democrats never supported fair process for Ford or Kavanaugh,” Sept. 30)

He condemns as disgraceful behavior of Senate Democrats for sabotaging the Supreme Court confirmation process for delaying proceedings until after the elections next month.

Well, this takes a lot of gall and hypocrisy. Senate Republicans were quite comfortable in refusing to consider for more than nine months Merrick Garland who was nominated for the Supreme Court by President Obama. This was explicitly done to wait for the next election.

There was no indication of any problem with the fitness of Judge Garland’s fitness for the Supreme Court, only political considerations. In contrast, there are significant concerns with Judge Kavanaugh.

First, there is the accusation of sexual assault, then there is the issue of untreated alcoholism and how that may have clouded his judgment, then there is concern with the truthfulness of his statements concerning his younger behavior. All these concerns need to be resolved through investigation before voting to confirm him for a lifetime seat on the US Supreme Court, or not.

Finally, there is great concern about his ability to judge in a neutral and considered manner. Judge Kavanaugh revealed himself to be a vociferous political partisan. This injudicial behavior has been framed as righteous indignation by the Republicans, but was rather a partisan screed. Regardless of what Brett Kavanaugh did or did not do when he was a young man, his juvenile taunting and yelling at the senators showed his lack of judicial temperament required for the Supreme Court.

I realize he was under pressure, but often times under pressure people show their true selves and Brett Kavanaugh’s true self is very partisan and vindictive, not someone we would want on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years or more. We can do better than this. He failed his job interview. We do not owe him a Supreme Court seat even if there is no additional evidence for sexual attack. It is our Supreme Court.

Tillis and his fellow senators are the guardians of the court. We can do better than Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s start over and get it right. It is very important.

Ed Levin

Chapel Hill

Kavanaugh fails standard

The Senate hearings over the confirmation Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court have been likened to a criminal trial. However when someone is being considered for the position of Supreme Court Justice, the issue is not whether he has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but if he can be trusted with all the power inherent in the office for which he is applying?

Do we want someone to make decisions controlling the lives of many people when he has shown, according to people who knew him, an inability to control himself?

We rightly expect judges to be fair and unbiased in making decisions. This is especially true of anyone serving on the highest court in the land. Yet Judge Kavanaugh’s response to the charges against him were blatantly partisan.

Kavanaugh attended Georgetown Prep, a Jesuit school. After watching the testimony of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, America Magazine, a Jesuit publication, withdrew its endorsement of him, explaining, “Judge Kavanaugh continues to enjoy a legal presumption of innocence, but the standard for a nominee to the Supreme Court is far higher; there is no presumption of confirmability.”

Lynn Mitchell Kohn


Vote Republicans out

Regarding Sen. Thom Tillis’ comments on the judicial hearing on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court:

“Fair process”? Merrick Garland!

Is it a requirement as a Republican member of Congress to take a stupid pill every day so that what comes out of your mouth makes sense only to other stupid people?

You cannot fix stupid, but you can vote them out. The Republicans who are doing everything possible to destroy democracy will forever be a stain on the fabric of America’s history. Pathetic.

Meredith Elkins


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