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Bury Silent Sam under glass on the UNC Chapel Hill campus

Bury Silent Sam under glass

My suggestion is that Silent Sam be put in an underground vault with a glass top. I suggest this installation be done near the competing sculpture “Unsung Heroes.”

Sculptures have great power. At one time sculptures were worshiped as if they were the god, not just a representation of the god. How and where we place our monuments has great weight. We know from the dedication speech of Julian Carr what the placement of Silent Sam meant to him. It meant that the racist values he held were to be seen as heroic by those who set foot on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

The aims of the state in legislating the disposition of Confederate monuments have anti-Union implications. Many want the history of North Carolina’s sacrifices for the Confederacy honored. Carolinians participated in Jim Crow until forced by legislation to stop it. I do not here have space to enumerate the damage to the fortunes of the citizens of North Carolina that flow from a revived conflict with the Union.

To bury Silent Sam near “Unsung Heroes” would elevate Silent Sam, setting up a tension between the two sculptures. Putting Silent Sam in a lit vault underground with a glass top would make it about as safe from those who would like to destroy it as possible. The “monument” would remain on the campus. Its value as a historical artifact would be advanced.

This solution to the disposition of “Silent Sam” satisfies the goals of the Board of Governors, the chancellor’s administration, and the state.

Russell Scott Day

Chapel Hill

A terrible candidate

Sen. Tillis, the source of the leak is unknown at this time. Brett Kavannaugh is a terrible candidate for the Supreme Court because of some of his views on the environment, workers rights and women’s rights, to say nothing of the fear I have regarding the expansion of presidential power.

I realize he was defending himself but the partisan rant confirmed to me that he will have zero impartiality. The sexual-assault claims only add to my opposition to him, and I ask you to withdraw your support for Kavannaugh.

Linda North


Abhorrent behavior

Upon hearing Sen. Graham’s preposterous outburst during the Kavanaugh hearing — complete with sneer and finger waggling — I attempted to send an e-mail to the senator, expressing my disapproval of his behavior.

Instantly, and I mean instantly, I received a return robo e-mail asserting that he wouldn’t be answering any residents from outside his state. I have sent snail mail now, reminding him that he is a United States senator, making decisions for ALL Americans. Even his website announces the same: Lindsey T Graham, United States Senator. His behavior was abhorrent. Hopefully, our young people do not follow his example of unbridled temper tantrums.

The image of “politician” has been woefully tarnished.

Virginia V. Baeckler


Inappropriate Pride display

“We take the stars from heaven, the red from our mother country, separating it by white stripes, thus showing that we have separated from her, and the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty.”

This quote is attributed to George Washington.

During the recent LGBTQ festival in Durham I did notice a flag with the 50 stars and the rainbow colors instead of the red and white which were so significant to General Washington.

As a veteran of the US Army Medical Corps (Gulf War) felt this display is totally inappropriate not only to us who defended our country but to all American citizens as well.

Juan J. Alva


Pope vs. the pedestal

Concerning John Hood’s guest column “Silent Sam must be restored to his pedestal”:

I have a far better suggestion. Place disgraced Silent Sam with its pedestal in Art Pope’s front yard at Pope’s expense. Art Pope is the owner of 5 and dime stores and the founder the John Locke foundation, a conservative think tank that likes to meddle in NC politics.

Magda Schijff


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