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Confirmation process tainted beyond recognition

Path of no return

I am exhausted by the the ongoing confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh for a seat on our Supreme Court.

All I really know is that the process is tainted beyond recognition. The judge is obviously guilty until he proves his innocence beyond any shadow of a doubt — under this inquisition, an impossible task. It is disgusting to me but obviously embraced by all Senate Democrats who were so nasty and impolite beginning before the meeting was even gaveled into commencement. Sen. Feinstein, in a civil court action, would, in my opinion, be guilty of withholding evidence: a crime in any court of U.S. law, but in this case a brilliant delay tactic to the distinct advantage of the Democratic Party.

The Democrats’ smear tactics worked well in the case of Judge Bork and came perilously close for Justice Thomas and they are becoming better and better! An unfair process from the get-go! And, in all probability, this will remain the process of all future nominations. We are heading down a path of no return. A new and disgraceful method of preferred choice by Democrats. The United States of America is changed forever and certainly for the worse. We’re on the road to becoming no better than any other banana republic.

Ernie Wendell


Women deserve better

While taking in the allegations brought forward by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, I thought of the disturbing state of affairs in America, especially the double standard women continue to endure.

Thursday’s hearing is another case of insufficiency of balance. But in my humble view, the greatest disservice to women is the election of a president accused of a long and sinful history of sexual violence. Among the allegations:

Raping/assaulting his first wife (Rolling Stone Oct 18, 2008)

Strolling in on naked women at Miss Univ. Changing area (Washington Post Oct. 12, 2015)

Confessing to snatching women by their Vagina (YouTube Nov. 07.18)

Rape of a 13-year-old kid (Newsweek Nov. 16, 2017)

Assaulting, grabbing or explicitly ambushing more than 12 other women (Time Dec. 13, 2017)

Does anybody out there even care about the message being sent to young men by elevating a man with such a distasteful background to the highest office in America?

I care ... but on the grounds of our three daughters, and the fact that I worked over 45 years in a vocation that is dominated by women. Amid this time I have witnessed disparity and a complete lack of respect for women. Women and girls, around the world, deserve better.

I hope that campaigns like the #MeToo movement will eventually level the playing field. Those of us who do care, men and women, must get directly involved with these initiatives and demand change.

Bernie Stewart


Desperate man

Energized Republicans saw an admirable, deserving jurist demonstrating his fitness for the highest judicial appointment in the United States of America. Survivors of sexual assault, like myself, saw an angry, undisciplined, disrespectful, arrogant self-entitled man spit out furious denials of the allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Highly trained litigators, like myself, saw a desperate, disingenuous, nervous man going ballistic to avoid answering simple questions. The pinnacle of this “rage or cry, don’t answer” strategy was when Sen. Feinstein asked the nominee why he opposed an FBI investigation that might swiftly clear his name and advance his appointment.

Mr. Kavanaugh: “But you are questioning me! You are investigating me!”

Any lawyer knows that asking questions of a witness on the day of trial does not substitute for discovery. An investigation would mean interviewing, under oath, the now dozen or so parties with knowledge pertinent to Dr. Ford’s claims and your denials.

I grieved as a survivor at seeing that nothing has changed since Anita Hill. Nothing. As a lawyer, I grieved for the lack of any semblance of judicial process and its moral underpinning: fair play.

Mary Elizabeth Windham

Chapel Hill

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