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2 that should have made The Herald-Sun’s BBQ Best List

Stewed about ‘cue

There are many, many things to get riled up about in today’s dystopian future.

Some of my heroes are either moral failures (Bill Cosby) or tragically dead (Anthony Bourdain). We have a “president” that has given my entire family a bad case of Tourette’s Syndrome at the mere sound of his voice. And a political party that stands behind the abduction of babies and small children at the border may be marching in this year’s Durham’s Holiday Parade.

But as a BBQ fanatic, this morning was the last straw.

I know what a thankless job it is to put together those “12 Best” articles. But your survey of the “12 Best BBQ in the Triangle,” fell short. I would like to direct your attention to a pair of pig places that were not mentioned.

The Pig in Chapel Hill. The creativity of their menu and swift grab-n-go lunch counter is a mid-day blessing if you work near there. It’s also a great place for a BBQ dinner, just down the road from the Chelsea Theater.

The Blue Note Grill. Your article may have been narrowly focused on pulled pork, but BNG’s dry rub ribs are so perfect, you’d have to go to Memphis to find anything as good.

Next time, try going for “14 best BBQ in The Triangle!”

Tony Madejczyk


An important election

The Obamas are correct. This Nov. 6 election is urgently important. When we all vote we can get fair redistricting for elections where all votes count equally, and we can end court-recognized gerrymandering, get fair elections of our NC judges, and get only NC constitutional amendments that are needed, not what one group wants to make forever law.

I am independent in spirit, but I vote for Democrats because I want government that provides health insurance for all, good public education, and laws that treat all as equals. This election, in North Carolina and Orange County, I will vote for: Anita Earls, NC Supreme Court; John Arrowood, Allegra Collins and Tobias Hampson, NC Court of Appeals; David Price, US House of Representatives; Valerie Foushee, NC Senate; Verla Insko or Graig Meyer, NC House of Representatives.

At Early Voting, Oct. 17-Nov. 3, you can register to vote and vote the same day 7 a.m. to 7 p..m. weekdays in Orange, Durham and Wake counties. Bring an ID with your name and address, but photo ID is not required. Vote Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, in your precinct from 6:30 a.m. t 7:30 a.m. Candidate lists are on websites of the NC Board of Elections and NC Democratic Party. At orangedems.com see Election 2018 menu, then click on Sample Ballots. Please Vote NO on all six constitutional amendments. They overreach or provide specifics only after they pass. If you don’t know, Vote NO.

Lynne Kane

Chapel Hill

Enough already, DMV

Are there others who have seen images in war-torn areas of the world with people waiting in line for some government service? That is the same sight most of us see when arriving at an NCDMV office.

Can’t someone in that division explain why they cannot fix this issue? More offices, more staff, more hours. Seems pretty simple to address. Many strip mall locations could be had for a sum that would be commensurate with the problem that needs to be rectified.

We keep hearing this will be fixed but I haven’t seen anything to change the situation. I’m curious in how the department will deal with the influx of residents from outside the state if we win the Apple facility or the Amazon headquarters? Will those people get special treatment as a condition of the awarded site plans? Torre Jessup better get things moving more quickly or else his department in the NC state government will be just another reason why businesses don’t want to come here.

Patrick McMillen


Flake and the FBI

Sen. Jeff Flake wants the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh for one week so that we may as Flake said “do due diligence.” If the Senate do dues any more process we’re going to need a shovel. Besides, the FBI needs more than a week to conjure search warrants, kick down doors and plant evidence.

Alan Culton

Chapel Hill

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