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Rosenstein demonstrates qualities lacking in our senators

Essential qualities

Honesty. Integrity. These are two essential qualities of solid leadership. Rod Rosenstein regularly demonstrates them.

He, much like Senators Burr and Tillis, took an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And, he strives toward that goal.

With all due respect, Mr. Senators, I don’t feel that you always do the same.

Neither our senators, nor Mr. Rosenstein ever took an oath to protect the president’s instability, to aid in his lies, or to ignore his crimes. Instead, they were each sworn to serve this country. Mr. Rosenstein has been doing his job with honesty and integrity. I wonder if our senators could look each of their constituents in the eye and tell us that you are also living up to the oath they took upon entering the U.S. Senate? I don’t think they could.

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan and, yes, even John McCain, are each watching from above as Burr, Tillis and their cohorts remain silent in the face of the biggest constitutional crisis that this nation has faced. Our senators and House reps have an obligation to protect Rosenstein, Mueller and the Russia Investigation. Their continued silence and inaction is no longer acceptable.

Kathy Repass


In praise of kudzu

Reading the news story “Invasive plants: A serious environmental threat you can do something about”:

We humans have been stupid about the precious gift of these beautiful prolific plants. Most of them are medicinal, and we are just not using them properly!

Kudzu is an incredibly useful fiber (it makes gorgeous cloth), fodder and food plant (the root is prized medicine and food).

It’s time we get smart and properly investigate and use these plants to nourish and heal our bodies and planet!

Cynthia Raiser Jeavons

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Bottled water no solution

Is bottled water really worth your money? No.

Bottled water is ultimately the same water that you can get from your sink. The only difference is that one comes in a disposable plastic bottle and the other does not.

Some people prefer bottled water instead of tap because they believe bottled water is healthier. However, bottled water is not the solution for accessing healthy water. Instead, we should do what we can to protect our rivers, streams, etc.

Bottled-water companies are not concerned with the aftermath caused by producing billions of plastic bottles. It is outrageous that bottled water companies release tons of toxic chemicals into the environment simply because packaged products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Clean water is a necessity, which means it is one of your basic rights. So whether you drink from a sink or a bottle, it is all clean water.

Antoinique White


Factory feces

It’s no surprise that waste lagoons in North Carolina are spilling liquefied pig manure and urine into the water supply, potentially contaminating it with harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella (“Flooding causes a hog lagoon to breach; others are at capacity,” Sept. 18).

The 10 million pigs imprisoned on North Carolina’s pig farms produce as much feces in one day as 100 million humans do. According to CNN, the 10 billion gallons of wet animal waste produced annually in North Carolina is enough to fill 15,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

If that’s not disturbing enough, news reports say that animals have also suffered and died. So far, at least 5,500 pigs have been found dead, and more than 3 million chickens and turkeys — sentient birds who value their lives and have empathy for one another — have drowned in the flooded buildings where they were being raised to satisfy humans’ taste for flesh.

Farmed animals are living beings who don’t want to die in a flood or in a slaughterhouse any more than we would. Eating meat and other animal-based foods causes animals to suffer tremendously and contributes to the contamination of waterways across the country. While no one can reverse the damage that’s already been done, everyone can help reduce animal suffering and protect the environment by choosing tasty vegan meals. See www.PETA.org for a free vegan starter kit.

Heather Moore

The PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.

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