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Stuck in line: NC DMV is not serving those who pay for it

License expired

Reading Robin Kirk’s column in the Sept. 2 Herald-Sun concerning DMV problems, it occurred to me that my DMV problems may be of interest to readers.

My problem began when I used my driver’s license photo as an ID at my local BB&T bank. The cashier asked, ”Do you realize that this license has expired?

Well, it had, several weeks prior, and, frankly, I never realized that it ever expired! Now, what to do? I visited DMV offices in both Carrboro and Hillsborough, but the former had 30 to 40 young folks sitting on the sidewalk with another 40 or so inside – and the latter also had long, four- to five-hour lines.

Rather than wait, I was told to come back after school opened, or to renew online. Well, I tried the latter, but after submitting the request, I received the following reply: “We are unable to complete your request. Please visit a driver license office. Error Message 57”

I tried the Hillsborough office again, only to find similar waiting lines again – this time being driven by my wife, as I was told that I should not be driving with an expired license. After a 15-minute wait on the phone, I did get to speak with a DMV rep, and the only advice I received was not to visit DMV on a Monday or Friday, and to have someone take me an hour before they open, and wait in line!

Well, my wife drove me to the Hillsborough office Tuesday, Sep 11, and after waiting two hours, I did get a temporary license renewal – but then had to wait another 1 ½ hours for my wife to return to pick me up, as she had another commitment. By the way, adding to my frustration, my registration renewal notice came during this period, and all of the above needed to be accomplished so that my car could be inspected, prior to registration renewal!

As Robin stated: “Should we accept such shoddy service from an agency we pay for through our taxes and fees?” Frankly, I feel sorry for the DMV staff, who have to operate under these conditions.

Roy W. Roth

Chapel Hill

Riding out the storm

Some of my Facebook friends, etc., showed no sensitivity during this clamorous time for North Carolinians, posting pictures of themselves eating, drinking, losing weight and “raising money” for victims of the storm.

You would think that my phone would be ringing off the hook with my six grown kids and all. Nope. My son in Atlanta called to say, “Ma I’m just calling to make sure you’re all right before I go to sleep.” Another son asked, “Ma, do you want me to ride out the storm with you?” My answer, “NOPE.”

Three people were designated as those to contact on the fourth floor at JFK Towers (a senior living facility where I live) in case of an emergency: One is in a wheelchair (not motorized) another is a hypochondriac and the other I had not heard of ... probably just moved in. I guess these folk were volunteers or this was a case of reverse 911.

Finally, I was in the bathroom and the biggest spider that I have ever seen, except for on TV, runs out. I was running out of the bathroom and he (the spider) was running in the same direction as me. What the heck? I grabbed my “insecticide”... just in case I saw it (the spider) again. I did not go looking for him (the spider) though.

Brenda Buie Burnette


The writer is a former member of the Durham City Council

Our enemies are still out there

As I write this letter to the editor, I remind myself that today is one day that I remember well, 9-11-2001.

I, Like millions of Americans, saw on television this evil and heartless attack where over 2,000 innocent individuals’ lives were snuffed out. I feel certain those who loved and care for this nation, prayed and gave condolences for those who died and the families they left behind.

I’m old enough to remember another day when our nation was caught off guard. On Dec. 7, 1941 the Imperial Nation of Japan, under leadership of Hirohito, attacked us in Hawaii. Over 2,000 died and many of our ships went down in watery graves. It was said then that the Japanese woke a sleeping giant.

I was 16 years old, delivering papers on bicycle. I will never forget the headlines in bold print, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and war was declared. Seemingly every Democrat and Republican came together. A billion factories were turned into factories for the war effort.

The depression of the 1930s was no longer a depression. Able-bodied men and women went to work. The peak of our military included 16 million men and women serving in uniform. Millions others served in factories for the war effort. Over 400,000 gave the ultimate sacrifice.

My reason for writing these memories is because our enemies are still out there. They don’t love America. Many are from other countries. but many live in the U.S. I’m sick and tired of the Democrats and Republicans fighting each over. Clinton, Bush and Obama had their chance to change this nation for all citizens. I believe they did very little to improve families’ lives. President Trump has done more for the American families in one and a half years by keeping his promises.

Ask a veteran who they will vote for in 2020. Jobs are plentiful. More jobs than people to fill them. If you are a responsible worker, some jobs are paying more than ever before. I love America and I believe many good Republicans and Democrats love America. If something good is happening, think for yourself! There is no perfect president or king. There is only one perfect being, and he paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. God has truly blessed America.

W.B. Turner


Change light rail plan

The Research Triangle and RDU are great assets for the region and need to be part of the greater discussion on placement for the light rail. The stress put on Interstate 40 and the surrounding roadways because of increased population and more commuting to jobs and activities in Triangle has greatly reduced the quality of life in the Triangle.

The billions of dollars being considered for the current plan will only connect Duke University Medical Center, N.C. Central University and the UNC Medical Center, all of which have inadequate park-and-ride offerings for commuters. The route also goes through New Hope Creek, a wetland swamp and wildlife reserve.

This plan is more of a stumbling block for commuters than a solution. The people of North Carolina deserve better and will support a more common-sense approach to getting to work or other activities. A view into the future with routes that will better serve us is needed.

I ask that the current plans be changed and placed in ways to help reduce traffic between major points of interest. This will encourage many commuters to take the light rail and eliminate the current car-dependent system, reduce fossil-fuel emissions and improve our quality of life. And, in the long run, eventually make mass transportation our main way of travel.

Don Pendergraft

Chapel Hill

Yield on records

Regarding “Fight ICE voting records subpoenas, NC elections board says” (Sept. 8), I see no legitimate reason for North Carolina to resist providing voting records to the federal government.

Surely, no reasonable citizen can object to making use of all means to ensure that our elections are fair and accurate. The federal government is the only entity which can look at data on a nationwide level across all states in order to make a legitimate assessment of the fairness of past elections and to feed back information which will enable North Carolina to improve our election procedures.

Barry Buehler


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