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Republican silence will not be worth the loss of our liberties

The silence of the Republicans

I have German heritage and ancestry. Among other values, I was taught loyalty and respect for authority. When I hear reference to the Holocaust, Hitler or Nazis, I ask myself what I would have done if I had lived in Germany at that time.

My honest disappointing assessment is that, even though I didn’t like it, I would have turned my back, gone along, been silent. I wouldn’t have gotten involved; I had too much to lose by speaking up.

So I understand the silence of many Republicans in the face of the attacks on our democracy and its institutions by the leadership of the Republican Party and the President. In the short term, Republicans have much to lose by standing up against the party and president that have been successful in implementing conservative policies.

Please give this question some thought. Will those gains be worth the loss some of the fundamental values on which our country was built: freedom of speech, press, and religion; equal justice regardless of race, position, or bank account; and an independent judiciary, among others?

Charlie Muehl


Political predictions

Some political observations from a former government and legislative reporter who had eight years on the beat:

The proposed Voter ID amendment to the N.C. Constitution will be approved based on a recent Elon College poll which said 59 per cent of those asked supported voter ID after being told our General Assembly will be authorized to write the law. North Carolina Democrats will not break the majority in the General Assembly, despite strong efforts and robust fund raising.

You can thank those who destroyed Silent Sam who have now motivated Trump supporters to vote. Following their victories Nov 6, Republicans in the General Assembly will pass laws that punish liberal Durham and Chapel Hill. Expect funding cuts. These folks are vindictive. I would not be surprised to see UNC Chancellor Carol Folt forced out by the UNC Board of Governors.

Finally despite all these predictions, I believe Democrats will gain at least two U.S. House seats in North Carolina evening the playing field, but I expect Republicans to hold on to a slim majority in the U.S. Senate.

Please become informed about the six proposed constitutional amendments before you vote. Once again I expect to be working at early voting and will be in my capacity as one of the judges at Triangle Presbyterian church Nov. 6.

Mark G. Rodin


Medicare mistruths

The Herald Sun is a key source of information on our country and region. With falsehoods now commonly shared in our public discourse and social media, it is increasingly important for our newspaper to be accurate. Unfortunately, in the Sept. 8 Our Nation and World, an article appeared entitled: “GOP line of attack: Democrats want to ‘end’ Medicare.”

In their first nine paragraphs, Alex Roarty and Katie Glueck review how Republican candidates have falsely stated that Democrats “want to take Medicare away from senior citizens.” Not until the final three paragraphs do they clarify the truth that “Democrats universally support Medicare.”

Among readers scanning only the headlines or reading the first few paragraphs, this article misrepresents the truth. An accurate title, such as “GOP falsely attacks that Democrats want to ‘end’ Medicare” and truthful information in the article’s introduction would represent this information in an clear, unbiased fashion.

Focusing on the weight of evidence, rather than partisan mistruths, is essential to accurately inform your readers.

Christine Hunt

Chapel Hill

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