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Letters: Fight black-inferiority myths with education

Paul Scott's column appears on the first and third Saturdays of each month.
Paul Scott's column appears on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Education as a weapon

Thank you for Paul Scott’s My view column “Fear of an intelligent black man,” published Sept. 1. Excellent!

As a “seasoned” black woman educator, I agree with Mr. Scott’s view completely! One cannot stress enough the importance of an education and the weapon that it is against the inferiority myths perpetrated against black people.

Yes, it was no small matter that black folk were denied the right to learn to read and write. Black youth should never be permitted to forget the lengths to which their ancestors went to defy those laws.

Mr. Scott, keep up the good work!

Gwendolyn M. Bookman, J.D.


Do something

Regardless of your feelings about ”Silent Sam” or other symbols of the Confederacy there is a present-day threat that should take precedence over ones of the past.

Wake up, folks! We have a huge, racist, misogynistic, elitist “leader” today. If every single protester would work at defeating his supporters at mid-terms, which are upon us, it might make a difference. Help people register, educate them about who represents them and their voting records, take people to the polls, knock on doors, pass out literature, volunteer to answer phones. Do something!

If they win, all of us lose. If you don’t like the laws, then elect people that will change them. If you don’t vote, you have no right to protest anything. Removing a 100-year-old statue will not necessarily change the way we are being treated, but, removing even one Trump supporter from office might. Every single person of voting age needs to register to vote and do so.

Rethink, regroup, get your priorities in order and make change happen the right way. The clock is ticking. I support your aim, but not your strategy.

Jenna Langston


Expand prenatal care

I support Gov. Cooper’s efforts on behalf of improving the appalling infant mortality rate(s) in North Carolina.

If you Google “Infant Mortality Rates by State,” you’ll see that infant mortality rates are worst in those states that did NOT take the Medicaid expansion offered under the Affordable Care Act. This is true for a state’s total population in general but especially for its poorer citizens, and especially its black population.

The lack of prenatal care among those groups of this state are the primary reason for North Carolina’s high rates of infant mortality. If the General Assembly would do what they ought to do, i.e., accept Medicaid expansion, it would do wonders for the 500,000-plus North Carolinians who have inadequate access to health care.

As an actuary I’ve seen these statistics for years, and the correlation between adequate prenatal care and infant mortality rates is irrefutable. Please encourage your state representative and senator to do what is right for these little ones!

C. Dale Games, FSA, MAAA


Do it for McCain

We have witnessed a well-deserved week of tributes to John McCain. Many of his fellow senators expressed appreciation for his courage, even his “maverick” spirit. During his final speech on the Senate floor, he implored his colleagues to reach across the aisle and seek bipartisan solutions.

Here is what I want to see from senators who declared their admiration of McCain. Demonstrate personal courage by setting the terms necessary for bipartisan action. Pledge to vote No on any Supreme Court nominee until the Senate returns to regular order and requires 60 votes for confirmation.

Richard W. McBride


Suspend the hearing

In order to provide the citizens of North Carolina with a proper vetting of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s record and case history — I implore Congress to demand an immediate suspension of the Kavanaugh hearing. This will afford Sen. Tillis, Sen.r Burr and their colleagues the proper amount of time to examine the (just released) materials.

A Supreme Court appointment is a lifetime appointment, and I expect the legislative branch and my elected representatives to provide a thorough investigation into his record and case history. This appointment is an important matter and deserves our senators’ utmost attention and scrutiny. Sen. Tillis and Sen. Burr must act with honor and give their constituents the information we need to be able to properly vet this Supreme Court nominee.

Amalia Ferreiro


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