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Are removal of Confederate statues a cultural war on the South?

Respect the rule of law

Chancellor Folt, the statue should be reinstalled, but not on its former pedestal, which should be left and preserved as it stands.

Sam should be conspicuously placed in a building frequented by students during the day and locked and secured at night. The lobby of Wilson Library might be considered. The vandals who pulled the statue down should be prosecuted in court, fined and/or jailed. Student participants should be expelled from the university, or at least suspended.

The rule of law must be respected and enforced. To do otherwise will only encourage more unlawful protests and anarchy.

The history of student involvement in the Civil War, the “War of Northern Aggression,” should be highlighted. Student soldiers (like Sam) did not fight to preserve slavery — they fought to protest the unlawful invasion of their homeland.

As an educator it is your responsibility to reveal and publicize historical truth.

H. Spencer Everett Jr.

UNC ‘60, UVA Law ‘63

Cultural war on the South

John Hood’s column entitled “Monument protests marred by illegality” seemed to be more of a fence-straddling exercise than any meaningful discussion of the assault on Southern heritage.

He is primarily concerned that the illegal, physical destruction of Confederate monuments, the latest being Silent Sam at Chapel Hill, will impede the movement by Gov. Cooper and his goons to remove all Confederate monuments from North Carolina. He and his cowardly ilk fail to understand that the Farther Left is not interested in their compromises; the Farther Left’s goal is cultural genocide of the South (and America itself). Dr. Boyd Cathey pretty well nailed this effort in his article entitled “ A Battle for Western Civilization and the South.” The pressitute media obligingly parrots the Farther Left’s incessant rant that all Confederate monuments are evil and must be done away with in their entirety! Obviously, Chapel Hill’s Silent Sam had to go. The presstitute media also has failed to provide an accurate accounting of Silent Sam’s takedown. Ironically, one of the Farther Left’s internet outlets in gloating over the takedown, reported that the mob that did the dirty deed was a combination of students, faculty, and outside individuals. The campus police were there in force but did nothing to stop this crime.

Since UNC Chapel Hill wants nothing to do with Silent Sam, it must change its “UNC Tar Heels” nickname, etc. to something else. “Tar Heels” refers to North Carolina’s production of naval stores in times past and to the moniker given to the Confederate troops from N.C. for their tenacity in holding positions during the War for Southern Independence. The radical trash, the young, ignorant Bolshevik punks and the academic idiots who allowed this to happen should be held accountable (fired, expelled, and punished to the fullest extent of the law as applicable).

Walter L. Adams Jr.

Trenton, N.C.

It was time for statue to go

We write in response to the toppling of Silent Sam on the UNC campus on August 20. We support the non-violent actions of those who took the statue down. Those of us in this community who believed that he did not belong in a public place on this campus have been frustrated by the inaction of UNC officials over the past months.

What is it like for African-American members of the UNC community to be reminded regularly by Silent Sam of the history of racism: slavery, promise of freedom, Jim Crow, lynching, Civil Rights Era, re-segregation, and mass incarceration? Racism still not eradicated in this day.

We, members of a Chapel Hill faith community, seek to follow a man named Jesus who, at every turn, identified with the outcasts and spoke truth to power. He did not wait until a convenient time to speak or act. We believe it was time to act in ridding the UNC campus of a very public Silent Sam. We pray that protests over the statue will be non-violent in the future. We support placing a placard in place of the statue, reminding us of what once stood there and what it stood for.

Velma Ferrell, on behalf of Peace & Justice Action Group Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church

Beware mob rule

Silent Sam, a tribute to the North Carolina fallen. So what else can be said? UNC should put up a statue of Stalin since it would represent the socialist and communist agenda preferred by the student body and staff. Or maybe a statue of Hitler since he liked to destroy monuments too. Of course there is Lenin who wanted an ignorant population to control.

And this kind of mob rule is just that, ignorance of history of the USA. It’s in vogue now to destroy symbols of the South because “it offends you” because you know nothing of our past history. And if all were removed, what would be next on your list of “it offends you”?

A question I would like to have an answer to would be why are you going to college? Would it be to get a higher education to better yourself and America or to be a “social justice warrior” and push for a USSA so the USA will become a large third world country?

A hint for all you at UNC, no socialist government on the face of the planet has ever worked. So go on and honor mob rule and social disobedience and if it isn’t stopped just maybe your grandchildren will reap the harvest that is being planted now.

Greg Humphries


Phone scammer parasites

U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and their respective staffs apparently do not give a rip about the most vulnerable citizens of the state whom they purport to represent. I am speaking here of the failure by our U.S. government as a whole to address the phone-scam epidemic. Every time I call about this issue, I’m met with indifference and no return phone call.

Receiving calls from these scammer parasites is at best confusing to many seniors, but can life-ruining if they take the bait and actually send them their life savings. There are numerous scams going around. One is the “charity” scam in which the intended recipients of your contributions actually receive only 10 percent of the donated amount; somehow, this is considered legal. One of the most unforgivable scams involves the scammer posing as a grandchild who has been arrested (or is otherwise in peril) and needs money wired immediately. What grandparent wouldn’t want to help their loved one?

When you get a call with nothing but silence on the other end, that is evidence of an attempted scam call. The scammers use a program that allows them to dial a group of numbers at once; the first one to pick up becomes the mark. The rest who hear only silence are the “lucky” ones. Scammers also “hijack” numbers local to you so that you will think that someone nearby is calling. I have been called on the local prison’s number; I have even been “called by myself”!

Permitting this sort of scammery to persist is unconscionable. We have laws against some of it and we have the Do Not Call registry which our government created and now refuses to enforce. Our politicians refuse to do anything to address this disaster. How can we trust them to protect us from terrorists if they are unable (or unwilling) to protect us from the scam artists? If you feel as I do, flood their offices with phone calls. They will get the message . . . maybe. You can easily contact them via email by visiting their websites (shown below) and clicking the “Contact” button. Let’s hope we can shake ‘em up a bit and prompt them into action . . . for the sake of our elderly parents and grandparents.

Jeff Dreibus

Nebo, NC

Running out of names

So, I just finished reading some history on Julius Carr. Agreed, he was not kind to African Americans. My concern over renaming the building at Duke, as well the removal of Confederate statues is this; will there be anything left in this state that is named in honor of a Democrat?

Michael Whittingham


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