Letters to the Editor

John McCain loved America, whether you agreed with his politics or not

Meeting McCain

I had the honor of meeting John McCain on several occasions, and I will also say that I had the honor of disagreeing with John McCain on several occasions, always ending with a handshake and an agreement to disagree.

Many of the politicians, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians in Washington will tell you on a daily basis that they may not have agreed with the policy put forward by McCain however there were few statesmen they held in higher regard. There was never a moment of doubt that he always wanted the best for the American people. There was never a moment of doubt that he loved our nation with singularity of heart. There was never a moment of doubt that he was steadfast in the defense of our nation through the men and women of the armed services and always stood with them in solidarity.

John McCain, for all the political disagreements one may have had with him, could never be questioned for his conviction, singularity, and solidarity to the people, to the nation, and those that so faithfully serve. My condolences to Sen. McCain’s loved ones in these very trying days.

Erik Raudsep


Trump’s promises

Trump made two promises to his gaped-mouth supporters while running for the presidency.

Build a wall, and have Mexico pay the bill, and clean up the corruption in Americas politics, by draining the swamp. With aide from Robert Mueller, the swamp is slowly being drained.

So far Robert Mueller has obtained five guilty pleas of wrongdoings by members of Trump’s administration.

Mueller cannot help with the stupid wall idea, but he is getting help on the swamp draining, from a few greedy Republicans like Congressmen Conner, Hunter, and former cabinet member Scott Pruitt. Politicians that betrayed the trust placed in them by American voters.

Ben Cooper


Remembering ‘Flipper’

As I listened this morning to Trump saying that he thought it should be outlawed for someone to “flip” on others to testify against “whoever the next highest one is,” my mind went back many years to the TV show “Flipper” about a loveable, intelligent dolphin.

I started humming the tune in my mind, but I found myself creating new lyrics. These are a rough draft, but I would like to share them. For those who do not know the tune, you can Google it!

He’s scared of Flippers,

Flippers, coming faster than lightning,

No one he thinks, is smarter than he,

And we know the Flippers, live in a world full of crime,

Lying and loyal to this king of deceit!

Everyone’s waiting to see him impeached!

Barbara Snyder


Restore Silent Sam

To the UNC System Board of Governors:

In accordance with state law, the North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, along with the North Carolina Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy, hereby demand the restoration of the University’s Confederate memorial, known as “Silent Sam.” This would include any repairs that are necessary to return the memorial to its condition before the riot on August 20.

We are happy to provide any assistance needed in this matter and expect this to be completed within a reasonable period of time. As you know, the law requires such objects of remembrance to be put back in place within 90 days. As of the date of this letter, there are 87 days left.

We also expect that in the future, the memorial will be protected adequately, as any other university property would be protected if so threatened. You must consider the reality that the faculty, a minority of extremist students, members of the Durham Workers World Party, and local elitists do not represent the majority of North Carolinians to which the university actually belongs – it is, after all, the “University of the People.” While the people may not all join our SCV/UDC ranks, they understand that lawlessness is unacceptable and they also appreciate that history cannot and should not be curated for political purposes. Several reputable public polls and an overwhelming majority of public comments recently provided to the North Carolina Historical Commission have confirmed this.

R. Kevin Stone


North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans