Letters to the Editor

Of course Cardinal Wuerl must go

Cardinal Wuerl must go

Of course he has to go, as Marc Thiessen entitles his article in the Herald Sun of Aug. 18.

The comparison of “Mafia” tactics to cover up sex scandals by high prelates said by former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating is correct. This shameful behavior was predicted in 1972 by Pope Paul V1 — “the smoke of Satan has entered the Church of God” — yet The Church of God has survived over 2,000 years despite corrupt bishops and popes.

This awful disgrace affects all of us Christians and non Christians, much better said by the dean of Duke Divinity School, L. Gregory Jones, who is Episcopalian. The damage done will take decades to subside and prayers from everybody in our dear country.

We must remember “Trust in God not men and believe in the Divine Server not in his servants.”

Veritas Vos Liberabit

Juan Jose Alva


Learning from the ‘other side’

There are forces that benefit by keeping our country divided: Politicians who turn us against one another to stay in power and media outlets who may attract higher ratings by encouraging us to take sides.

It’s up to us, regular people, Republicans, Democrats, and people who don’t fit either of these categories, to get together and discuss the issues in a civil way. This act connects us to the values behind our beliefs. By doing this, we may learn that we have more in common than we have differences, or at the very least, have an experience of being able to express our viewpoints authentically in a safe environment.

We did this on Saturday, June 30h. Seven self-identified conservatives and seven self-identified liberals sat down with trained moderators to listen and learn from what the “other side” had to say. Sometimes it was tough to hear and not respond, but all managed to do that. In the end there was widespread agreement that we share many of the same values and differ mainly on policies to achieve them.

The moderators were trained by Better Angels, a national group devoted to reducing polarization in America. We (Immanuel Jarvis, a conservative, and Neal Caidin, a liberal) came away with enhanced understanding, respect and affection for each other, even though we still disagree on the issues. Who knows where that will lead? Similar workshops are happening throughout the country.

Want to know more? Go to www.better-angels.org.

Neal Caidin

a Durham county citizen who usually votes Democratic (a “blue”)

Immanuel Jarvis

Chairman, Durham County Republican Party, (a “red”)

Democratic Party hijacked

What happened to the Democratic Party, which used to be my mom and dad’s favorite party?

Common-sense Democrats have given into the liberals and socialists who are highjacking the party. Also some Democrats seem to think running as a socialist, which is first cousin to the communist party, is the way to go in the 2020 election.

I love America, and I believe there are some good Democrats who love America also and would like to see their party go back to a common sense party. When I was drafted in the Army in April 1944, I was aware that I might have to give my life in defending the United States of America. I was a rifleman in the 86th infantry division.

Every day when in combat, even as a teenager, I was scared and prayed that God would watch over me. He did, but one of my buddies was wounded. He did not lose his life and came back to our company. I believe God spared my life for a purpose, and as long as I live on this earth I want to serve out his purpose. I have never lived under a socialist government, and if those Democrats are leaning in that direction, I personally believe they will lose and so will the Democratic Party.

My advice for the Democrats, go live in a socialist country for one month. You might change your mind. Freedom is not free, someone gave his life for it.

W.B. Turner