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08/09 What You’re Saying: Juan Jose Alva, Immanuel Jarvis, Arlene Medder, and Margaret S. Miles

Latinos and liberty

The Pew Research Cenenter predicts "Latinos will remain the largest racial/ethnic group in America" Why ? Some factors come to mind; religious beliefs, multiparous wives and willingness to take any low-level jobs.

This brings to mind the multimillion Irish immigration after the incredible potato famine in Ireland, when the Ellis Island hospital processed immigrants in huge numbers.

Paradoxically all could see our gift from the French Republic: the Statue of Liberty.

Juan Jose Alva


‘A better pipeline’

Even as little children we are infused with the belief that education is the way to obtain financial surety. "Education will provide opportunity and a better life," they say.

This is true, but as emerging technologies, technical skills, and worldwide industries evolve, it is vital that the American educational system adapts to these changes. Moreover, children digest learning differently. They possess varying passions and proclivities that drive them to a host of academic destinations. Providing multiple educational platforms and mentorship programs that support young people should be not only our duty, but our delight.

Unfortunately, many still appear to be single-minded in the philosophy of 21st century education. The “Good grades-to college degree-to great paying career model” has proven not to be a guarantee. Even more troubling, those who struggle with traditional classroom education feel disenfranchised in staking their claim as a success in today’s workforce.

There is hope. “A Better Pipeline: Education to Economic Freedom Summit” on August 14 at the Hayti Heritage Center will discuss the current options within education. We will delve into mentorship programs, apprenticeships and shed light on how certifications, not degrees are helping young people all over North Carolina find vocational opportunities with great pay. Hear from educators and community leaders as they provide resources for parents and students. The event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the program begins at 6:30 p.m.

Immanuel Jarvis


Enough of platitudes

The immigration emergency continues: children still separated from their families, parents being forced to pay travel expenses to get their children who were shipped hundreds or thousands of miles away, children held in cages, children forcibly given drugs to keep them docile, children having to tend other children because there is an inadequate adult supervision ... the list goes on and on.

If this were happening in a dictatorship, I would not be surprised. That this is happening in my country, that used to be a beacon of democracy, enrages me.

How long will our representatives continue to mouth platitudes and not take action?

Arlene Medder


‘Economic envy?’

Regarding “Trump touts economy as ‘envy of the entire world’” (July 28): I am astounded by Trump’s suggestion that the latest Commerce Department Report on the economy shows that “Once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world.”

Perhaps the rest of the world doesn’t know how many of our children go hungry on a daily basis; how many of our families have low-paying jobs or have to work two low-paying jobs that still do not meet their needs; how many individuals in our country do not have health insurance and adequate health care; that one of the richest countries in the world does not adequately support the education of its children (the future of the country); and that so many people of color or ethnic minorities are discriminated against over and over again.

Trump is the president of all citizens of the United States, and he is not doing his job.

Margaret S. Miles

Chapel Hill

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