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08/07 What You’re Saying: Marcia McNally, Kim Winz and Joe Capowski

Honoring Mrs. Cheek

On Tuesday, August 7, at 7 p.m. Mrs. Alice Cheek will be honored for her 20 years of dedication, service, inspiration, and community-building in Durham’s Edgemont-Elms neighborhood.

The ceremony will be held in Edgemont Park. Mayor Steve Schewel and Chief C. J. Davis will speak at 7:15 p.m. in recognition of Mrs. Cheek. Other local dignitaries will be in attendance.

The celebration is part of the community’s annual National Night Out party, which is a collaboration between Durham neighborhoods and the Police Department. Ms. Cheek is the founding facilitator of PAC 5, Partners Against Crime, a program in which police officers, Durham residents, and government officials work together on local issues including crime, needed public facilities, and other quality of life concerns.

The Edgemont-Elms community is home to Golden Belt and the old Durham Hosiery Mill. Edgemont Park, located at 205 S. Elm St. (at Angier Avenue), was once the site of a community center. Led by Ms. Cheek, the park received funding of over $100,000 for play equipment, safety surfacing and drainage, adult exercise equipment, and concrete repair. Memorial benches have been installed as part of this improvement, including one which now bears a plaque recognizing Ms. Cheek’s work.

Marcia McNally

PAC 5 co-facilitator

Let Mueller do his job

I am urging Sens. Burr and Tillis and my House Rep. Price to support legislation that would protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller. President Trump arguably committed obstruction last week by stating that Attorney General Sessions should end the special investigation. Trump also continues to work to discredit our news organizations and intelligence agencies. This is incredibly dangerous behavior.

I urge my elected officials to condemn Trump’s comments and to back legislation that would ensure that Mueller is able to do his job, which is to find answers to how Russia interfered with our election.

Kim Winz


Support, don’t penalize EV owners

I am an electrical engineer who has driven an electric vehicle for the last 18 years. My vehicle registration bill now includes an annual $130 EV fee, which our legislators justify because I do not pay the N.C. gasoline tax that funds road maintenance.

This is understandable, but only half of the story.

I purchase the fuel for my EV from Duke Energy, and pay a 7 percent N.C. sales tax on this fuel. If our legislators would spend some of the electricity tax on road maintenance, that would be wonderful; we are no longer the “good roads” state of 40 years ago.

EVs have many advantages and consequently are replacing gasoline and diesel vehicles every day. Our legislature should promote EV use, rather than penalize their owners with double taxation.

Joe Capowski

Chapel Hill

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