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08/02 What You’re Saying: Harriette M. Brinkley, Wilbert Hamilton, Fenton McGonnell, C. Gibbs, and Robert Healy

Freda Black’s dedication

I just read the article on Freda Black written by Mr. Gasparoli posted online Tuesday. I knew her through a terrible tragedy in my family.

Freda prosecuted the boys who were charged with murdering my husband way back in 1992. She would call just to check on me, and I clearly remember once her calling early in the morning saying, "Harriette, get up! I have something to run by you and I have been working on this since 3am." I recall thinking who in the world gets up at 3 a.m. in the morning to do paperwork for WORK!

Since hearing of her death, it's as if I am periodically and momentarily paralyzed. That's how much I cared about her.

Harriette M. Brinkley


Sharing Kroger concerns

Howard Craft’s latest My View column, “Last days of Krogering get personal for this Durham shopper” (July 29), hit home with his fellow Kroger shopppers:

C. Gibbs: Mr Craft’s comments are spot-on! Kroger/Harris Teeter’s decisions on closings may have been corporate ($) driven but they are a big marketing miscalculation – mistakes that’re going to bite back, I believe. And Kroger customers are very disappointed in how employees were treated; they were also “friends” we could communicate with. As Howard said in his comments most people’s habits are toward neighborhood stores (today’s preferred development trends) and more daily stops. Food Lion is my neighborhood grocer now. We’ll see...

Fenton McGonnell: Mr Craft summed up my feelings regarding the Kroger stores. In many ways, it is like losing family members. Although the two Kroger stores I shop on are being converted to Harris Teeter stores I understand the Kroger employees aren’t guaranteed future jobs. Very sad,indeed. The HT stores will offer various new services but will also have higher prices. I only shop at HT when they have specials on something I need. I will shift to Food Lion in the future for the bulk of my shopping.

Robert Healy: I read with appreciation Howard Craft’s elegy on the closing of our local Kroger stores and his concerns that this might exacerbate our “food deserts.” I would like to add my concern for the hundreds of local Kroger employees who have lost their jobs. Like Mr. Craft, I remember the longtime cashiers and baggers who “know my name.” Kroger was a union store, and none of the other local markets, including Harris-Teeter, are. I assume that that the longest-serving Kroger employees were paid a bit more by virtue of seniority. I fear that these older employees are the very people who will not be hired by Harris-Teeter, Food Lion and other stores. Or if they are, they will start at the bottom of the ladder – and the bottom is as little as $8 an hour. As we shop, let’s pay attention not only to the prices we pay but also to how stores treat the employees who work so hard for us.

Lowering our self-repect

Why are we the people lowering our self-respect for a person that has broken every moral rule that was taught to us my our forefathers.

Even as a Black man, my forefathers and mothers were put through unbelievably physical and mental trials and tribulations. The Navy Seals and the Army Special Forces training could never compare with what the Negro slaves endured both mentally and physically. Check your history. Even with these things that are embedded in my soul and with my years of military service I can forgive and embrace love for my fellow Americans.

Why are some Americans allowing our leader to poison our minds to divide this country? Even our church leaders are silent. How far does this country have to go down in the gutter before America say no more? The world is laughing at us, the greatest country in the world. Wake up America.

Wilbert Hamilton


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