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07/28 What You’re Saying: John Sharpe, and Tony Madejczyk

The best way to get rid of Trump

For those who want to get rid of Trump, the best way is in the voting booth and not by pinning hopes on allegations about “meddling” and “collusion” with the Russians. From my minnow-in-the sea perspective, here’s why:

Since the Internet gave every Tom, Dick and Harry – including the Russians – the capability to publish to mass audiences, if the Russians are spreading propaganda on the Internet, I’m inclined to say, “What do you expect?”

And, since anyone can find any kind of “information” they want on the Internet – regardless of the facts – I’m also inclined to say that those who believe anything they read deserve what they get.

As for “collusion,” if Trump and his staff want better relations with Russia, where is the harm in having some contact, whether before or after the election?

The “problem” these days is not the Russians but instead how people get their information.

With the way the Internet has taken away advertising to support credible news, there’s a big question about where people will obtain reliable information, both now and in the future.

Democracy depends on a well-informed voting public. To guard against a public swayed by Internet propaganda that could come from anywhere in the world, the same government that made the Internet possible – without a lot of foresight – needs to pay more attention to how the Fourth Estate can be preserved. On that account, the hearings about questionable, election “information” on Facebook were good, but more needs to be done.

Meanwhile, if the Democrats want to unseat Trump, they need to concentrate on fielding stronger candidates. And, the mainstream news media – especially network television – needs to stop obsessing on alleged "meddling" and "collusion" by the Russians … This is why I’ve basically stopped watching the evening news but still enjoy the sadly thinning morning paper, where news is presented with a more balanced perspective.

John A. Sharpe III


Pre-parade bone to pick

I know it’s a little warm outside to be thinking about the official Durham Holiday Parade and Fun Fest, set to roll this Dec. 8, 2018, at 10 a.m., BUT I have a bone to pick this year, and it’s not turkey or ham.

It’s the Durham County Republican Party, and their leader Donald Trump, that’s the problem. I ask you in all honesty, how can a political party that targets children seeking asylum at our border, then tears them away from their parents without a fair hearing also participate in a parade that’s about Christmas? You know, the baby Jesus, good will towards people and all that jazz?

Durham is a welcoming town, but we don’t have to put up with rank hypocrisy. It might be a good idea for the Durham County Republican Party to renounce the kidnapping of children by the federal government so we can all move forward and have a nice parade. Together.

Tony Madejczyk


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