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07/27 What You’re Saying: Donna Rudolph, Michael Whittingham, Jim Turner and Julie Rosemond Wilson

‘Helsinki truth’

Regarding George Will’s column “Trump shows he is a sad, embarrassing man” (July 26):

You can’t “walk back” from Helsinki. Eyes of the world watched Trump put America last. In not challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of electoral interference, our president more than trashed his intelligence guardians; he betrayed his political base, the Republican Party and all the rest of us.

An astonished world learned the U.S. chief executive cannot be relied upon to serve, protect and defend the U.S. nor its long-term allies. Somebody’s got to do more than just try to figure out why President Trump has subordinated himself to Putin – we must deal with the fact that he has.

Isn’t our fate now up to the U.S. Congress? Shouldn’t Congress demand to know what Russian “priorities” the U.S. President single-handedly may have pledged us to in the Putin secret summit? Will the Senate assert its war and peace and trade powers and reach out to heal recently insulted UK, Canadian and German leaders?

Rather than beat up our judicial branch and security services to protect a flawed chief, why doesn’t the House urgently engage all counties and relevant experts to build across America a cyber wall against a 2018 repeat Russian invasion of our voter data and mechanisms? There’s no hiding from the Helsinki truth. Congress, our national security now depends on you.

Donna Rudolph


Four seasons

The four seasons of politics:

1. Campaign season

2. Election season

3. Investigation season

4. Re-election season

Michael Whittingham


Excited about the inn

The news story “Hillsborough public hearing finds hope and many questions for Colonial Inn developer” generated several responses on www.heraldsun.com, including:

Jim Turner: Hope this restoration goes smoothly. I grew up knowing the Inn and ate there often. The last few years it was open were depressing, as it was obviously going down. I am looking forward to being there again.

Julie Rosemond Wilson: Growing up in Hillsborough and working as a server there in high school, I knew the Colonial Inn well. So happy to see this happening and can't wait to patronize it when I visit my hometown!

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