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07/26 What You’re Saying: Danielle du Preez, Kim Hanchette, and Chuck Kirby

Helping animals like Toby the pig

Regarding “Headed for the Slaughterhouse, chased by dogs, 500-pound pig gets a new leash on life” (July 16):

As a UNC student and volunteer at Orange County Animal Services, it gives me great pride to be involved with an organization that is so dedicated to protecting animals, even those who are considered “livestock” by the state.

The story of Toby the pig is proof that it’s possible for us to follow OCAS’s example and extend our help to all of the animals in our community.

Pigs are kind, intelligent animals, as evidenced by Toby’s story. I encourage those who feel that Toby’s story brightened their day to consider the implications of monetarily supporting the pork industry. The pork industry not only causes a massive amount of environmental damage to our state, but it also robs pigs like Toby of the life of freedom they deserve.

Danielle du Preez


‘Not that book’

Regarding “Required UNC text labels cancer ‘disease of choice’” (July 16): UNC’s School of Public Health is ranked second in the U.S., yet undergraduates are required to read “21st Century Wellness” by exercise scientist Ron Hager, who calls heart disease, diabetes and cancer “diseases of choice.”

Students who complained about the book’s emphasis on healthy choices with no discussion of the societal factors of health outcomes are right.

I support the students’ concerns while recognizing that healthy behaviors are one aspect of disease prevention and management. Not addressing barriers to health (access, cost) or genetic predisposition misses the elephant in the room.

Hager teaches at a private college in Utah, the state ranked fourth most-healthy in the U.S. He may lack the depth of expertise worthy of students who live in a state ranked 33rd for health, 40th for health disparities.

When these disparities can account for differences in life expectancy of 20 years, blaming people for their chronic disease seems especially cruel.

Don’t we wish students, many with future careers in health, medicine and policy might link their inspiration to required reading in their freshman year? This is not that book.

Kim Hanchette

Cetified diabetes educator


Traitors all?

Trump met with Putin for peace and is accused of as traitor. Is Trump a traitor for meeting with Kim Jung un of North Korea? Is Obama a traitor for meeting with Raul Castro of Cuba? Is Reagan a traitor for meeting with Gorbachev of the Soviet Union? Is Carter a traitor for meeting with Leonid Brezhnev of the Soviet Union? Is Nixon a traitor for meeting with Mao tse Tung of China?

What do the liberal lunatics want Trump to do? Go to war with Russia? For what?

Chuck Kirby

via www.heraldsun.com

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