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07/24 What You’re Saying: Paul Valone, F. Paul Varone and Donna Rudolph

Making the switch

I live in Chapel Hill and got tired reading about the Wake County school system and politics. After 33 years with N&O, I made the big switch and love the varied coverage in the Herald-Sun. I still have my comics, bridge, Sudoko, and crossword. My daughter in Durham made the switch also.

Genie Jansen

Chapel Hill

Group does not ‘endorse’

Perpetuating misinformation from elsewhere, an early version of “Hundreds of gun-rights advocates expected at Second Amendment rally in Hillsborough” posted on your website (July 18), claimed: “Grass Roots NC recently drew attention for endorsing state House candidate Russell Walker in the race for the seat in District 48. Walker has a history of making racist and anti-Semitic remarks.”

GRNC does not “endorse” candidates. Instead, we input survey scores, voting records and bill sponsorship history into a database which objectively estimates how often a candidate can be expected to agree on gun issues with a control group of conservative gun voters. Consequently, whatever reprehensible views a candidate may hold on other issues would not impact the objective numerical score of his or her position on the Second Amendment.

Even when our political action committee issues a “recommendation of effective voting strategy” for a candidate, it is not a blanket endorsement, but instead solely a measure of who is the best gun rights supporter since, as this case demonstrates, blanket “endorsements” have a nasty habit of coming back to bite.

F. Paul Valone


Grass Roots North Carolina

‘Helsinki truth’

You can’t “walk back” from Helsinki. Eyes of the world watched Trump put America last. In not challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin’s denial of electoral interference, our president more than trashed his intelligence guardians; he betrayed his political base, the Republican Party and all the rest of us.

An astonished world learned the U.S. chief executive cannot be relied upon to serve, protect and defend the U.S. nor its long-term allies. Somebody’s got to do more than just try to figure out why President Trump has subordinated himself to Putin – we must deal with the fact that he has.

Isn’t our fate now up to the U.S. Congress? Shouldn’t Congress demand to know what Russian “priorities” the U.S. President single-handedly may have pledged us to in the Putin secret summit? Will the Senate assert its war and peace and trade powers and reach out to heal recently insulted UK, Canadian and German leaders?

Rather than beat up our judicial branch and security services to protect a flawed chief, why doesn’t the House urgently engage all counties and relevant experts to build across America a cyber wall against a 2018 repeat Russian invasion of our voter data and mechanisms? There’s no hiding from the Helsinki truth. Congress, our national security now depends on you.

Donna Rudolph


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