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07/21 What You’re Saying: Kathy Repass, and Kurt Becker

Embarrassing ourselves

We’ve embarrassed ourselves at the G7 by denouncing our allies and declaring that Russia be readmitted. We also humiliated ourselves at the NATO Summit and created chaos everywhere we’ve gone. In Great Britain, there were protests and balloons. Germany now considers us an adversary. We kidnap children, encourage racism and humiliate nations.

Throughout the world, our image has deteriorated.

But, there is one country, Russia, to whom no insult has been levied, no sanction enforced and no harsh words uttered. Yet, they’ve attacked our democracy and committed crimes against humanity.

Across the aisle and throughout the world, people are calling Trump’s behavior treasonous.

Over the last 18 months, Trump has met with their spies in the oval office, held sidebars with Putin at world meetings and insisted that conversations occur without witnesses. The entire world saw the Putin/Trump press conference where our national security organizations were discounted as our President publicly declared allegiance to Mother Russia.

Trump is alienating our allies and serving Russian interests while remaining completely unchecked. If any other President committed half of the atrocities that this administration has levied against America, they would’ve been impeached.

Our elected officials need to listen to Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, China and France! They need to listen to everyone – domestic and international – who is warning us that we’re in trouble! And then, for the love of God, they need to do something.

Kathy Repass


‘Spending too much’

Regarding “Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s complaints to NATO allies about defense spending” (N&O, July 10):

How much should the U.S. spend on its military? Can we still afford to spend as much or more as in the latter half of the 20th century?

We are not manufacturing as many goods anymore and we are running a trade deficit every year. Our national debt is increasing every year. Can we still afford to be the world’s policeman?

Germany spends 1.24 percent, China 2.10 percent and the U.S. 3.57 percent of their Gross Domestic Products. (NATO member states promised to increase their spending to 2 percent by 2021.) An argument can be made that we are spending too much.

Parents are struggling to put their sons and daughters through college. Young couples cannot afford to buy a home. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Research and basic science grants are at their lowest levels in years. We will fall behind the rest of the world in technology, medical research and basic science.

Kurt Becker


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