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07/20 What Youre Saying: Mindy Oshrain, and Claudia Mangel

Anti-American party

The Republican Party has increasingly shown its disloyalty to our Constitution and our democracy.

First, they gerrymandered their way into office, by packing and cracking districts so that even with a majority of Democratic votes cast, Republicans still grabbed power. Then, Mitch McConnell refused to follow the Constitution and Congressional order; he did not allow a hearing on Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court.

Now, the leader of the Republican Party, President Trump, has expressed fealty to and trust in President Putin, just as intelligence services have proven that Putin’s government attacked our country’s free and fair elections. Our feckless senators may put out a mild statement or two, but it is time for every patriot to stand up and take action against this anti-American Republican Party.

Mindy Oshrain


Trump, Putin and Puerto Rico

So what exactly did Trump and Putin discuss in their “secret meeting”?

I hope the esteemed International Relations professors and scholars at our local colleges and universities will offer their opinions on these circumstances.

When was the last time a U.S. president had a “secret meeting” with the ruling dictator of a foreign adversary?

We know that Trump would never go into a “business” meeting if he was not certain he would “get something out of” the other party.

We know that Trump’s only concern is himself; the safety and welfare of our republic is of no consideration or consequence to him.

So what were the terms of their “secret deal”?

I think perhaps Trump offered to give Puerto Rico to Putin, so Putin could establish another Russian colony in the Americas.

Trump despises “that island” full of impoverished brown people who don’t vote; Trump did not even know the residents of Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States.

Giving Putin a U.S. territory which Trump considers completely worthless would relieve him of a frequent public relations annoyance.

All those photos and articles on social media, about the devastation and death toll in Puerto Rico, and the continuing lack of water, electricity, housing, medical care and transportation for those U.S. citizens resulting from Hurricane Maria, are so annoying to Trump.

After all, what’s worse than “fake news?” Old fake news.

And Putin would have no problem with ruling over and oppressing persons of color.

The Soviet Union occupied many countries whose populations are majority non-Caucasian for almost half a century, such as the nation of Kazakhstan.

And what could Trump get in return for giving Puerto Rico to Putin?

Perhaps a re-negotiation of his gargantuan indebtedness to Putin or his oligarch friends?

Perhaps a promise from Putin that he will not tell Trump “You’re fired”?

C.P. Mangel

Chapel Hill

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