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07/13 What You’re Saying: Clint McSherry, Yolanda Davis and John Staddon

Bizarre, twisted world

Last Sunday’s Herald-Sun chronicled the disturbing nature of our state and national governments: refugee children traumatized by forced separations; meager pay “supplements” for chronically underpaid teachers; a government shutdown if the president can’t force Congress to pay for the wall he promised Mexico would pay for; “more than 40” lifetime appointments to district and circuit court judges described as, “the most extremist slate of judges we’ve ever seen”; and a last-minute state constitution amendment for November that would allow the legislature (not the governor), to “control any executive, legislative, or judicial appointment.”

After reading about each of these dystopian catastrophes, one might think things couldn’t be worse. Unfortunately, that would be untrue.

On p. 3A one headline declared, “NC Consumers could see $5B coal ash cleanup bill.” WHAT?! The story states, “The company pleaded guilty to federal environmental crimes in 2015 for its coal ash handling, and thus admitted to “pervasive, system-wide short-comings,” the N.C. Utilities Commission said in its ruling last month.” The article describes how state utilities regulators decided last month that Duke Energy could charge customers the first $778 million of what will likely be a $5 billion total cost to clean up the horrific environmental damage caused by Duke Energy’s “pervasive, system-wide” federal environmental crimes.

Q: In what bizarre, twisted world is it fair, just, or reasonable to require innocent bystanders (present Duke Energy customers) of a crime to pay for the (past) criminal acts of a company?

A: In Trump and Republicans’ bizarre, twisted world.

Clint McSherry


Put cruel people in cages

Regarding the news story “Pit bulls seized in NC dogfighting case. Are some safe for adoption?” (July 2):

I’m appalled that I continue to read about dogs being seized in our state because of dogfighting. When will this end? When will our laws in the state of North Carolina change? This is 2018.

There is no room for cruelty to animals, and these people who are arrested and charged with dogfighting and cruelty aren’t serving time in jail .

The law needs to change now and we need to petition to save innocent pit bulls from being euthanized. Why is North Carolina one of the top states for dogfighting? People need to be held accountable for their cruelty. Let them be held in cages and see how they like it.

Yolanda Davis

Chapel Hill

Let him speak

Regarding the news story “He's been called 'racist, misogynist, and transphobic.' Should he speak at DPAC?” (July 6)”

Apparently Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has been called some bad things. Is that a reason to deprive him of a platform? Are slurs, with or without proof, all it takes to deprive someone of a livelihood?

If Durham goes along with this it will be unfair to Peterson and damaging to our fine city's reputation for decency and fairness.

John Staddon


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