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07/12 What You’re Saying: Tim OBrien, James Protzman, Chris Coser and Rene’ de la Varre

Let’s end theft for all

Last week, our home was broken into, ransacked and robbed. An off-repeated wish among the kind words from friends, family and neighbors was for the miscreants to be caught. While I have no wish for them to remain at large, not one condolence came with a wish for an end to theft and burglary across the board.

Instead of hoping to cage these particular evildoers, let’s all make an effort to end poverty, drug addiction and violence. We all know that almost all break-ins are motivated by need, either for drugs or money. So, let’s go to city hall, let’s call our legislators, let’s donate a few dollars, and let’s volunteer a few hours.

Let’s end this awful experience for once and for all.

Tim O'Brien


Take the steps we can

Regarding the guest column by Heather Redding “Southerners, whites benefited from slavery, whether they owned slaves or not"

Between the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of African Americans, our country has so ugly a past we can never fully make amends. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't take the steps we can. Statues honoring Confederate bigots should have no place in public view today.

James Protzman

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Glad to see Peterson coming

Regarding the Bull City Politics column “He's been called 'racist, misogynist, and transphobic.' Should he speak at DPAC?” (July 7)

I'm glad to see Dr Peterson is coming to town. His lectures have helped pull many out of depression and anxiety and get their lives re-assembled.

It is unfortunate that his positions are often so blatantly misrepresented in certain types of activist circles. Thankfully, he has an enormous body of work (hundreds of hours) online, which date from long before his rise up to the present day, the perusal of which quickly disprove the inappropriate epithets some like to apply to him.

The reason he has survived without being taken down at this point, despite the many who wish to malign him, is that very reason – that his work is online, and it's available. Simply misquoting and misrepresenting people no longer works in the long-form New Media age, and thank God for that.

Chris Coser

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Why the outrage?

Sorry to say, those that were in a rush to cast blame, forgot to do their research.

Trump isn’t to blame for the family separations. If any blame is to be assigned, it is to the criminal justice system.

In America, thousands of parents and their minor children are separated every day by the criminal justice systems. What is happening on our southern border is routine.

It's not uncommon for criminal defendant to bring their minor children to court with them for bail hearings, or probation hearings. Perhaps, they think that the presence of children will influence judges decision? IT does not.

If a criminal defendant is denied bail or probation is revoked, he will be taken into custody and separated from his children. If another family member is not around to take the child, the child will be taken by a state agency that is charged with caring for the child.

Illegally entry into America is by definition a crime. When a parent is taken into custody, the parent will be separated from his minor children. Just as any other criminal defendant is.

Why the outrage? To pin this on the president? Why should there be an exception for noncitizens who have been arrested for illegally entering the US?

The separation is not the fault of anyone. OR, perhaps it's the fault of the irresponsible parents dragging their child away from home and country. This is an experience, no child should suffer.

Has this become another issue where the Democrats and Republicans get to beat each other up before the next election? Seems so.

Rene’ de la Varre

Chapel Hill

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