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07/10 What You’re Saying: Ed Levin, and Robert L. Schurmeier

If Trump were a Democrat

If Trump were a Democrat, the Republicans would be screaming at the top of their lungs that he is a traitor to our country with his slathering admiration of the North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un and the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. But he is not a Democrat, so the Republicans are not calling him out.

In reality, Trump is not a Republican either; he is not a fiscal conservative, not a neo-conservative and certainly not a social conservative. Trump is not a fiscal conservative having pushed the U.S. further into deficit and actively poisoning our free trade. Trump is not a neoconservative with his sabotaging of our military alliances. Trump is not a social conservative with his corrupt and immoral lifestyle, and he certainly does not put families first.

But many Republicans (not all, thankfully) have made a bargain with this devil to seal control of the third branch of the government, the judiciary. If Trump were a Democrat, there would certainly be advanced impeachment hearings going on today. The Republicans are not calling out Trump for his outrageous behavior, not because he is a Republican, but because they, who have abandoned their Republican ideals, have become something else, un-Republican and un-Democratic, rather Trumpaholic. Those Who Ingratiate Themselves To Trump (TWITTTs) are either being duped or are willing participants with his treachery.

Trump is screwing us all, America first, and then the rest of the world. If Trump were a Democrat his actions would be called treasonous; just because he is not a Democrat, does not make him any less a traitor.

Ed Levin

Chapel Hill

SBI responds on agent case

Regarding “Ruling on Durham officer might hurt other cases” (July 1): The SBI has been reluctant to provide comments regarding the information published by The News and Observer because the investigation into the alleged assault in Durham County is an ongoing criminal investigation and the resolution of the personnel case involving Agent Richardson is also still pending.

Therefore, the appropriate forums for the resolution of any disputed facts in those cases is the Durham County court system and the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

However, in the articles, it has been reported that various SBI personnel were untruthful during the hearing of the personnel matter and acted in violation of agency policy during both the criminal and internal administrative investigations into these matters.

The SBI strongly disagrees with these reports and any such findings made by the Administrative Law judge. Therefore, the SBI has appealed the Administrative Law judge’s order on a variety of legal bases including that the findings he made are not supported by the evidence presented during the hearing and that the resulting conclusions of law are erroneous.

The SBI also felt it could not remain silent in the face of allegations that the agency tolerates untruthfulness. While investigating Agent Richardson for an allegation of assault, SBI investigators determined that he and others participated in a search of a female and her car during which they seized items of evidence. However, during this encounter, none of the agents completed any paperwork documenting the interaction with the female or the legal justification for the search of her vehicle, and they failed to document or properly secure the items seized. These failures were in violation of agency policy which led to the disciplinary action being litigated at OAH.

We believe strongly that the actions of the SBI investigators in this case were appropriate and in compliance with all constitutionally required standards. Unfortunately, the argument that the SBI did not follow ALE policies has diverted attention from the heart of this matter.

For the SBI, the most important aspect of this case is to ensure that all interactions between SBI and ALE Agents and the public are based on sound legal principles and that citizens’ rights are protected. Because the SBI determined that the Agents involved in this matter did not abide by the high standards demanded of SBI/ALE Agents, they were subject to disciplinary action.

The SBI will await the ruling of the Court of Appeals in this matter . In the meantime, the SBI will continue to hold its agents, both SBI and ALE, to the highest ethical standards, will continue to find ways to improve its operations and will continue to fight to exonerate the innocent and bring the guilty to justice.

Robert L. Schurmeier

Director, N.C. State Bureau of Investigation

The length limit has been waived to permit a fuller response.

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