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07/07 What You’re Saying: Evan Bost, Michelle Arciaga Young, John Van Buskirk, Carol Reuss, Susan Rita Cohen

Pit bull kisses

Regarding the news story “Pit bulls seized in NC dogfighting case. Are some safe enough for adoption?" (July 6):

I adopted a bull terrier a few months ago who had been found on a construction site in Durham, malnourished with no identification. She has cropped ears, and no one knows her history, i.e. where she was bred, how she was treated, etc. They think she's about18 months.

She is the absolute sweetest dog I could ever imagine owning. Had she any bite scars, would she have been euthanized? I don't know, but I'm sure glad she wasn't and that my wife and I have her now. The only time she's hurt me is when her kisses get too excited.

Evan Bost

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Gentle, sweet girl

I have a rescue pit bull. She was shot by a human before we got her. She crawled to us for attention in the shelter. She desperately wanted human affection but clearly had never really had it.

She's now 11 years old and has been spoiled for the past 9.5 years. She's mothered two 5-week old kittens, a baby bunny, and a puppy who is now her best frriend. She's a gentle, sweet girl, and has never hurt a flea.

This ongoing campaign to villify pitbulls is based on a considerable amount of misinformation, and it's sad. It results in sweet, healthy dogs being put down for no good reason.

Michelle Arciaga Young

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Dogs are too risky

Every single day sweet, innocent children and pets are mauled or killed by pitbulls. It's not worth the risk.

John Van Buskirk

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A nurse’s true stories

It is going on 45 years that I have had the honor and privilege of serving as a Registered Nurse (ranked as the most ethical profession for the past 16 years). Throughout those years I have worked in many areas, including reproductive health.

In the spirit of concerns regarding a new Supreme Court Justice and the attacks on reproductive rights I am compelled to share some of the many TRUE stories I have experienced as a trusted health professional. Some of them are not pretty. But before I share them I will say that abortion has always been practiced, for as long as recorded history.

Since conception can never be regulated neither can abortion. I am old enough to know of illegal abortions and of preventable abortion-related death, unnecessary for a procedure that is far safer than pregnancy. In my career I have met too many victims of incest and rape, many of them perpetrated by family members, friends, boyfriends, including fathers, uncles, even grandfathers. I have met many women who were carrying pregnancies with known defects, many of them incompatible with normal life. I have also met deeply religious women.

One in four women in this country have had an abortion by the age of 45. It is a fact that restrictive abortion laws do not stop women from having abortions. To those against abortion the answer is simple: don’t have one.

Susan Rita Cohen


Trump’s title

At the White House EOC does not mean Equal Opportunity Employer. It means Executive Order Consigner

Carol Reuss

Chapel Hill

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