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07/08 What You’re Saying: Cathy Emrick, Judith S. Berlin, Joe Moran, Claire Secrist, Charles Wilson and S.K. McIntee

Delay appointment

Donald Trump cannot be allowed to nominate a Supreme Court justice during the Mueller investigation. If charges are brought against him that result in either impeachment or indictment, he'll likely fight them in court. If his case is ultimately decided by the Supreme Court, the next Supreme Court justice may provide the swing vote. While the “if’s” exist, it is a feasible situation and would result in a judge potentially indebted to a defendant.

The Senate Intelligence Committee recently released a report stating that Vladimir Putin tried to help Trump become president by meddling in the 2016 election. The House Intelligence Committee investigation was far shorter and less thorough and resulted in the opposite conclusion. The House report is a perfect example of how the constitutional system of checks and balances has been undermined by this administration. If a biased Supreme Court justice hears a case against Trump, the system would collapse. All three branches of government would be in lockstep with Trump.

There is no reason that Justice Kennedy’s seat must be filled right away; the Supreme Court operated with eight justices for a year after Antonin Scalia died. A delay would simply ensure that an appointment wouldn’t be made while the justice might soon hear a case against Trump. Once the Mueller investigation is closed and any potentially resulting court cases are complete, the president would fulfill his constitutional duty without any possibility or perception of personal gain or bias on the part of the judge.

Cathy Emrick


Protect abortion rights

Since 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized a woman's constitutional right to abortion. Although in recent years states enacted almost 400 abortion restrictions, seven in 10 Americans support access to legal abortion.

Justice Kennedy’s resignation enables the president, who has vowed to overturn Roe v Wade, to appoint the next Supreme Court justice. So the right to abortion now is in great danger. Abolishing legal abortion would reverse the 2008–2011 abortion decline. In North Carolina, a woman needing an abortion already faces many obstacles, including an ultrasound, state-directed counseling, a 72-hour waiting period, restriction on medication abortion, and parental consent.

To help prevent the death of access to legal abortion, please contact Sen.Tillis and Burr, tell them you expect them to support abortion rights.

Judith S. Bellin

Chapel Hill

Rein in corruption

When Barack Obama was president, Republicans made a big stink about how no Supreme Court nominee could be confirmed during a campaign cycle.

Donald Trump filed for re-election on the day he was inaugurated. He's been holding campaign rallies ever since.

In addition, he is under investigation for his activities in the 2016 election.

So why should he should be allowed to nominate another justice, when he is campaigning and when he would effectively be nominating the judge who would be involved in judging HIS actions?

Still not convinced? Just close your eyes and enter the world of fantasy in which Hillary Clinton did any of this, or Obama. Republicans would shut down the country.

So it's time for them to rein in the blatant corruption for two seconds and refuse to allow this to go on.

Claire Secrist


Judicial oversight

We expect judges to be not merely legally correct but to be wise. The majority of judges on the Supreme Court failed to deliver on the latter expectation by not dealing with what to observant Americans has long been obvious: the president’s prejudice against Muslims and his repeated, blatant avowals to keep that faith group from entering the country.

There is no doubt but that the president has the legal authority to ban or intern people deemed dangerous to the security of the republic. But it is also true that some past presidents have used that authority wrongly to mask a prevailing religious and ethnic prejudice. And it is here is where the land’s highest judges, satisfied with North Korea and Venezuela being on the list, missed the opportunity to serve the greater national needs of transparency and compassion.

Fully aware of the president’s mind on the matter they nevertheless followed the letter of the law in approving the ban as finally drafted and articulated. In so doing they brushed aside the profound religious adage of early Jewish-Christian legal expert (“Pharisee”) Paul of Tarsus: “the law kills, but the spirit gives life.”

Because five of nine justices gave priority to the precise letter of the law over wisdom and over what they knew to be the underlying sentiment behind the chief executive’s ban, the world, and especially we Americans, are all the poorer.

Joe Moran


Migrant workers essential

Trump keeps whining that Hispanics are “stealing our jobs.” But we all know that our farmers are loudly claiming that they need more workers, that crops are not being planted and harvested efficiently. We know that many of these workers are essential for taking care of our children and in our retirement and nursing homes.

Now we hear that across the nation, there are almost a million hospitality jobs unfilled ( Bureau of Labor Stats ). Another aspect we haven’t heard about lately, is that we need more young workers than we have… so that they can contribute to Social Security and Medicare for our aging, and growing, population. On top of all that, refugees brought in $63 billion more in government revenues over the past decade than they cost."

Maybe we should advertise all these open positions in Central American Want Ad sections! What do you think?

Joyce Holmes


The muffled majority

Each day begins with a check of the news to see

What is left of the nation that use to be.

We long for the falsehoods to be exposed and the truth not contradict itself,

For a public servant to be a public servant, and not use the position to serve self.

We want to be a part of a nation that builds bridges and not walls,

Where we see our differences as strengths and not downfalls.

Where the faith community is concerned for all God’s children,

Remember? Red, Yellow, Black, and White

We are all precious in the His sight.

We long for a nation that embraces and uplifts the populace, and sees the opportunist as suspect.

Where justice is just, and laws are made to benefit all and not changed for ones own interest to protect.

Can you hear the silent screams? They will not be silent long.

Or the righteous bitter weeping that will soon turn into the courageous fighting song.

We are not [expletive]. We are many and we will rise for the world to see,

And not stop until democracy reigns from sea to shining sea.

Charles Wilson


Pay attention to cyclists

In response to the letter “Fix the pot holes first” by Jack Wagstaff” July 1):

Fixing the pot holes is not going to help the cyclists be safer. That suggestion is no compromise. The cyclist can mostly avoid these pot holes, and they are going slow enough to do that.

The pot holes actually help the cyclist by slowing down car traffic. The reason why roads need bike lanes has more to do with car driver perception and behavior, like going too fast and ignoring cyclists on the road, and safety improves because paths for each mode are clearly defined.

What is most important is that car drivers slow down around cyclists and pay attention to where the cyclist is, and where the cyclist is needing to be to make turns. Paint on the road helps a driver see cyclists better.

S.K. McIntee

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