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07/06 What You’re Saying: Ernie Wendell, Jennifer Creadick and Audrey Davis

Let Trump be Trump

Tariffs, as I understand them, have outlived their uncomprehending usefulness! The world market for products is certainly dominated by the USA. Every county would like to sell here. It’s where the money is!

At this moment in history the world is largely, willingly and even eager to engage in trade in the U.S. market on an unfair and unbalanced level. It’s somewhat like we charge a minimal tariff while they charge us a reciprocal tariff to reach their markets of a factor often exceeding 10 times what we charge them. Kind of one-sided, don’t you think? It’s a way to stifle our ability to sell there while they flood our markets with less expensive product, due largely to the existing imbalance in tariffs and gullible American so-called trade experts.

Not a bad deal for the American consumer but grossly bad for our long gone manufacturing base – where millions of our diminishing middle-class citizens previously worked and earned a somewhat respectable wage. Those jobs are gone! Our once large and skilled manufacturing base has vanished! Gone with the wind! However, the upper class still manages to thrive while the middle class not-so-much as they slowly cease to exist.

Where have all those well-paying jobs gone? Right to our unfair trading partners, who are ever willing to overproduce and dump their excess production here. It’s a long standing and one-sided practice which seems to be perfectly acceptable to our political leaders and trade negotiators. Why? Why would our government allow such unprincipled activity to exist? I’m mystified in their inability to see the world as it is.

Is there a solution? Maybe. We could let Trump be Trump in his effort to MAGA! He seems to be the only one willing to try. I think it’s worth a try!

Ernie Wendell


Hog-farm headline misses

I am writing to point out a very misleading headline in your paper,"Duplin Couple Gets Over $25M in Hog-Farm Case."

The article presents a lot of history and information about this interesting case and decision, and I am now more informed. However, the final sentence in the article reads: "Altogether, the jury's $25.13 million award is likely to be reduced to $630,000." So, the headline is true but hardly accurate.

Jennifer Creadick


Shift to renewables

Looking through the news in the past few weeks, I have been bombarded with articles about the heat, how to stay cool during the summer, money-saving tips for energy efficiency, and so on. It seems to me that with all of these conversations about the miserable heat, we still haven’t talked about the crux of the issue: how climate change is affecting the weather.

Over the next few years, we will watch as summers continue to get hotter for longer, posing a serious threat to people’s health and wellbeing, especially for children and the elderly. That is, if we do nothing. If we act now to significantly decrease our greenhouse gas emissions, we can avoid these effects.

Right now, Environment North Carolina and its national partner, Environment America, are working to move colleges and universities to 100 percent renewable energy, which will substantially decrease the amount of energy consumed by the commercial sector. Moreover, as sites of research, innovation, and education, campuses are perfect for this transition which will demonstrate their commitment to their students’ futures.

By making the shift to 100 percent renewable energy, colleges and universities will help lead North Carolina to a future of clean, green renewable energy.

Audrey Davis


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