Letters to the Editor

05/04 What You’re Saying: Norma and Richard White, Standra Kay Patterson, Marcie Cohen Ferris, Munir Abdul Hakim and Deborah Friedman

McKee for commissioner

We support Earl McKee for Orange County commissioner in the upcoming election.

Earl has been involved with successful placement of new companies (Morinaga) and businesses in the county, increasing employment and the tax base so the burden of taxation does not rest so heavily on property values.

Earl has supported increased Emergency Medical Services to the unincorporated parts of the county and has supported rural fire department development and their local volunteers.

Earl knows the county well and the significant challenges it faces, among them schools, transportation, housing, health, increased broad band coverage, and an aging population. He encourages active involvement of its citizens in community affairs and supports local volunteer initiatives.

Earl is a fair, competent and experienced voice for Orange County. We strongly urge you to vote for him.

Norma and Richard White

Orange County

Protect your Medicare cards

New cards are being issued to 58 million Medicare recipients across the nation. The North Carolina rollout is scheduled for June.

The new cards will no longer have your Social Security Number on them to help protect your identity. The card will have an11-character Medicare beneficiary identifier. It will have letters and numbers (Example 1EG4-TE5-MK72). Couples on Medicare may receive their cards on different days.

Scammers will be looking for ways to get your new numbers. Destroy your old Medicare card by shredding as soon as you receive the new card.

Guard your new card and keep it with you. Medicare or Social Security representatives will never call and ask for your number. There is no fee for your card. Do not believe people who call and ask you to verify numbers so they can give you a “refund” through direct deposit to your bank. Your new card is paper, but do not accept an offer to have it laminated as they are likely after your new Medicare ID.

Only share your card with trusted health care providers. Keep your Medicare Advantage Card if you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan (HMO or PPO.)

Always check your Medicare Summary Notice or Explanation of Benefits to check for charges that are billing mistakes or suspicious. If you have questions or concerns, call 1-800-Medicare.

Standra Kay Patterson

Participant Advisory Council

Senior PharmAssist

Peace Officers Memorial

The annual Durham Peace Officers Memorial Service will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 4 at Grey Stone Church, 2601 Hillsborough Road. N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Michael Morgan will be the speaker.

The service, hosted by the Durham County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge No. 2, is held to remember law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty and to honor their families. The service also pays tribute to current and retired law enforcement officers. Officers from several Durham law enforcement agencies will participate in the program.

The service will honor the following Durham officers:

▪ Police Sgt. Gill Cates – shot to death May 28, 1913 while handling a domestic disturbance call

▪ Sheriff’s Deputy Will Hall – shot to death Oct. 18, 1929 while searching for a cache of hidden whiskey

▪ Police Detective Ronald Gill – shot and killed by a man breaking into a store on June 10, 1933

▪ Sheriff’s Deputy Onus Hall – shot to death while answering a disturbance call on July 17, 1939. He was the brother of Deputy Will Hall.

▪ Police Officer J.C. Price – fatally injured Dec. 3, 1939 in an on-duty motorcycle accident

▪ Sheriff’s Deputy William “Tommy” Land – shot to death Oct. 15, 1971 while answering a silent bank alarm

▪ Police Investigator Larry Bullock – shot to death April 29, 1976 during a drug raid

▪ Durham Public Safety Officer Gary Eugene Fletcher – fatally injured Feb. 14, 1978 in a freak accident when he became entangled in a fire hose and was slammed to the concrete

▪ Police Officer Billy T. Gregory – suffered a fatal heart attack while on duty on April 24, 2004

▪ Police Officer Charles Callemyn – fatally injured Feb. 17, 2007 in a traffic accident as he was responding to assist another officer at a traffic stop on Holloway Street

The Durham Police Department

Greene gets results

My choice for Orange County commissioner is Sally Greene. Sally will bring both experience and vision as a county commissioner for Orange County. During her three terms on the Chapel Hill Town Council, Sally was an eloquent advocate for affordable housing, the arts, agriculture, and the food economy. And she gets results. Due in no small part to Sally’s efforts, Chapel Hill adopted an inclusionary zoning ordinance and has set ambitious goals for providing affordable housing to a wide range of people.

She is clearly the right choice to shape the future of Orange County. Please vote for her on May 8.

Marcie Cohen Ferris

Chapel Hill

Racism and militarism

The Durham City Council’s unanimous vote opposing Durham police training by Israeli security forces is significant as we mark 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. One year before his assassination, MLK addressed the connection between racism, materialism, and militarism in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech. This reality exists even today.

Black, Brown and Muslim people are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement locally and are victims of wars and occupations abroad. Weapons that attack these groups abroad militarize local police that treat Black and Brown people as an occupied people. The same tear gas used in the West Bank, Palestine, was used at Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson.

Israeli law enforcement has been challenged by human rights organizations around the world for discrimination, torture and killing of Palestinians, the arrests of youth and killing of unarmed protesters. All Americans should challenge such oppressive training of our law enforcement. We should work for a society that abolishes oppressive institutions and diverts resources from social control to citizens.

Muslims for Social Justice looks forward to working with allies for the liberation of all people – Black, Brown, Muslim, women, LGBTQ, workers, youth, and other marginalized folks. In the words of Fannie Lou Hamer, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free!”

Munir Abdul Hakim


Moral bankruptcy

Durham revived its shameful reputation of betraying the truth in favor of a boycott-of-Israel agenda. The familiar signs of a false narrative resurfaced. Racial rage was reintroduced via Israel rather than Duke Lacrosse players. Jewish Voice for Peace scapegoated Israel by exploiting the fear of ICE in minority communities.

Council member DeDreana Freeman announced, “I have to stand in solidarity with the most impacted.” Freeman’s selective compassion extended only to those she deemed victims of ICE. “Thirty-eight billion in aid? How do we have our city removed of their literature?” Many of us sitting in the audience were stunned by her hostility towards Israel.

We were brought to this place by Jillian Johnson, a well-known Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions advocate and her supporters.

By rewarding Jewish Voice for Peace for its political support, a hate group gets the gift of a public relations win, but at what cost to the credibility of the council? Currently, they’ve have fallen into the category of useful idiots, used by JVP to endorse an extremist ideology which includes lawlessness, bias and Hamas sympathizers.

A revival of a morally bankrupt city council effects every aspect of our community. Durham ceased to be a community for all on April 16, 2018. What cost will Durham pay as a result?

Deborah Friedman


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