Letters to the Editor

04/11 What You’re Saying: Laurin Easthom, Rhiannon Weakley, and Chris Upchurch

Choose change for Congress

Every so often a less-well-known, but superstar candidate emerges onto the political scene and takes us all by surprise. “Who is that? Everything is fine with the status quo, why take the risk and vote for someone else?” And then we often remain asleep during a time of much needed change. Wake up N.C. Fourth Congressional District.

We have a career politician who has served us well in Congress for 30 years. Now instead of a graceful retirement and a new accomplished leader poised to serve, voters have to choose between change or the status quo. The argument is, if Democrats take over the House, he will become chair of a committee(s). But is this a good enough reason to sacrifice another generation of leadership? New candidate Michelle Laws is not running a personal agenda, but aims to passionately and energetically represent ALL citizens against Trump’s policies bringing this country down.

While entrenched Republicans say nothing about Trump and established Democrats quietly work their political ladders, Laws will work for the PEOPLE of the Fourth District. She has the experience, grit and energy absolutely required to change the status quo in Washington. Let’s not settle, not this time.

Laurin Easthom

The writer is former member of the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Chatham Parks challenge

I wish to inform your readers of something that will affect all of them, ranging from Pittsboro to Cary. In 2014, a master plan was approved for Chatham Park, which is expected to raise the population of Pittsboro from 4,200 to 60,000.

Though the development is expected to bring many jobs and services to the area, there are significant dangers to the water quality of the Haw River and Jordan Lake. Without adequate regulations, the water quality will be harmed by deforestation of 7500 acres, construction, and regular land use.

Pittsboro currently requires the state’s mandatory minimum, a 50-foot buffer for year round, or perennial, streams. For perspective, Chatham County, the development’s location, requires 100-foot buffers, and Chapel Hill, which currently has the population Chatham Park predicts it will bring, requires 150 feet. Pittsboro has never before had to regulate so defensively against such a massive and obtrusive development and does not have the regulation it needs.

Pittsboro must step up its watershed protection ordinances to meet the growth that Chatham Park will bring if it wants to protect the water bodies we hold dear. Contact your local officials, speak at public meetings, get involved.

Rhiannon Weakley


Blackwood for Orange sheriff

As retired investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, we heartily endorse Charles Blackwood for re-election as sheriff of Orange County.

All of us have worked with Sheriff Blackwood during our careers. We watched Charles progress through the ranks within the Sheriff’s Office. With each promotion, he distinguished himself as a professional law enforcement officer and a true leader.

Since his election, Sheriff Blackwood has served with integrity and honor. He has shown passion and commitment to his staff, community, and all peoples in Orange County. We fully support Sheriff Blackwood’s re-election. We ask you to join us in supporting Sheriff Charles Blackwood and the fine men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

This letter was submitted by Lt. Chris Upchurch and signed by him and Lt. Ned Thorpe, Captain Bobby Collins, Lt. Troy Comar, Capt. Norman Horton, Investigator Jack Tapp, Investigator Don Tripp and Capt. Archie Daniel

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