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01/30 What you’re saying: Joe Exum, Tom Stevens and Katherine Cathey

Board seeks candidates

The Hillsborough Board of Commissioners is asking qualified Hillsborough residents interested in filling a two-year vacancy on its board to apply online now through Feb. 11.

The vacancy is being created by the resignation of Commissioner Brian Lowen, effective March 26. The term of the appointment will be April 2018 through December 2019.

The commissioners discussed options for filling Lowen’s seat. They chose to make an appointment rather than to call an election to spare the expense of an election and to create a timeline that would allow for the new commissioner to take the oath of office April 9.

To promote transparency and openness in making the appointment, the Board of Commissioners will follow a public process that includes:

▪ A written application by interested candidates that will be available to the public.

▪ An interview with candidates in a public meeting.

▪ An opportunity for citizens at large to publicly comment on or support candidates.

▪ Decisions at public meetings regarding which candidates to interview and the final selection.

The application is available on the Commissioner Search page of the town’s website. More information about the time commitment and duties of the position as well as a timeline for the appointment process is also available there. To determine residency within Hillsborough town limits, see the Jurisdiction and Service Areas page. Some homes have Hillsborough mailing addresses despite being outside the town’s boundaries.

Those with questions about the process may contact Human Resources Director and Town Clerk Katherine Cathey at 919-296-9441.

Tom Stevens


Katherine Cathey

Human Resources Director and Town Clerk

Grandsons, Oprah and Hollywood

Many have hailed Oprah Winfrey’s speech at Hollywood’s latest self-adulation ceremony as presidential. Praising women who have come forward to accuse their male oppressors, Oprah envisioned a “new horizon” for women. The crowd was mob like in their response echoing the sentiment that basic civil rights should be suspended in order to encourage women to come forward. For the audience, the speech was wildly inspirational: for a grandfather of grandsons, the message was bonechilling.

One does not have to be an expert in Freudian psychology to posit for every woman hater there is probably a man hater. Has Hollywood forgotten the injustice perpetrated in the name of political correctness at Duke University? Without due process exposing corruption from accuser to prosecutor, three grandsons would be serving their 10th year of a 30-year sentence.

The Obama administration’s disdain for the rule of law and willingness to suspend civil rights to a accommodate extreme agendas is now a matter of history. Reversing Obama-era policies on campus sexual assault under Title IX by the Secretary of Education is not only another repudiation of the Obama administration but also a relief to grandfathers and grandmothers with grandsons and granddaughters.

Joe Exum

Snow Hill

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