Letters to the Editor

01/27 What you’re saying: Lou Meyers, Jason Smith

‘Misery’ replay

Every time White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shows up at the podium to assault the truth on behalf of the Trump administration, I’m reminded of the gruesome sledgehammer scene in “Misery.”

She is about as merciful as Kathy Bates was to James Caan’s ankles.

And watching never gets any easier.

Lou Meyers


The damage done

Today, almost all of the United States’ energy is produced by fossil fuels. This habit must be broken, because the use of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, which have harmful consequences that affect our health and the environment. These gases further the greenhouse effect, which warms the planet, causing climate change and rising sea levels. These levels have already risen in the past decades, and will continue to do so if not regulated. Soon, we will face overcrowding in cities, food and water shortages, and an increase in abnormal and disastrous weather patterns.

Many scientists and the leader of our country say that climate change is a hoax, but it is very real and our ignorance has only furthered the problem. The only way to fix the damage done and prevent future damage is to implement renewable solutions. Renewable resources produce no greenhouse gases, use energy that is free and constantly available, promote jobs and investments, and are a sustainable way to produce energy now, and in the future. We, as citizens, must advocate for the implementation of renewable energy, as going green will provide clean and sustainable energy for our future as a nation and a global community.

Jason Smith

Chapel Hill