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01/02 What you’re saying: Hannalee Isaacs

Power and pride

While riding the Metro train on the way to the Women’s March last January, I felt power and pride when my aunt, cousins, their friends, and I came together, chanting. Soon, the whole train was yelling: “What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Now! What do we have? Girl power!”

Our generation’s greatest threat to civil liberties is the rise of extremism and intolerance. The election of Donald J. Trump as president reflects this shift. Nov. 9, 2016 changed our history as a nation permanently. The 45th president is not a leader “for the American people.” He certainly is not for young women and girls. His election will not be our defeat; it is our rebirth.

We have much work to do in 2018 and beyond, but change is possible. If we can empower the next generation of girls to be active members of our democracy, change will occur. Young girls need to know that they are important. They have power if they are willing to use it. If the Women’s March showed us anything, it is that even in the worst times, when hope seems long gone, we have the strength to carry on when we embrace each other and work together.

Hannalee Isaacs

Chapel Hill

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