Letters to the Editor

11/25 Your letters: Tony Madejczyk, Heidrun Bartsch Erwin, and Katherine Bellamy

GOP has lost way

I hear the Durham County Republican Party is participating in this year’s Durham Holiday Parade, but what I’d like to know is – why?

One of the icons of this parade is Santa Claus, not Scrooge.

You Republicans have lost your way. Like any group of unsupervised boys, you defer to the most ill-mannered one of your group for your behavior. And, apparently, you’ve also lost your moral compass. (There’s not enough room here to list all of the GOP’s evil projects, like killing internet neutrality.)

Each year at this time, many of us celebrate the birth of a little brown baby in a foreign land, set in a barn, with little in the way of earthly riches. He grew up to be a socialist. The Republican leader in Washington acts more like Rome’s Caesar (or is it Nero?) every day with his vain, childish outbursts. Even Fox News thinks this clown president should “act more presidential.”

Enjoy Trump’s dirty coal in your stocking! Merry Christmas!

Tony Madejczyk


Buy small

At this season of giving, let’s give our small local businesses their fair share of our business.

I’m thinking of specialty stores such as The Playhouse, the toy store on Ninth Street. Where else can you still find handmade doll clothing made locally? Why buy toys at a food store around the corner when you can buy toys at a toy store – one that contributes to Durham’s flavor? Let food stores do what they do best!

Having been a small business owner, I can assure you that a successful year for small retail businesses depends largely on the holiday season. So, shop not only locally but shop at locally owned small businesses this holiday season. And not just on special days, such as Small Business Saturday, but throughout the holiday season and the new year.

Heidrun Bartsch Erwin


Ring the bells

The Salvation Army is recruiting volunteers to help us raise money for all our programs by ringing a bell around Durham, Orange, and Person Counties. We have several resources you can share with your following.

What does it help? Ringing a bell sounds like a simple task – that’s because it is! But when volunteers ring with us, they are raising funds for our food pantry, homelessness prevention programs, utility assistance programs (to keep people warm during this winter season!), after-school and summer programming for at-risk youth in our community. All of our social services programs are open to families and individuals in Durham, Orange, or Person County.

When? We are ringing from now through Dec. 23, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Volunteers can select which shift they would be interested in ringing and can ring for just one shift or multiple shifts/days.

Who? Volunteers come in all forms! Families, friends, coworkers, students, Boy and Girl Scout Troops, church groups, puppies, and more! Groups are welcome to split the shifts among members of their group. People love to dress up when they ring with us, so costumes are definitely welcome! Some locations will even allow volunteers to play music.

Why? When we have volunteers ring with us, they not only raise money, but the average volunteer hour is worth $24.14! When volunteers don’t fill our bell-ringing slots, we pay individuals to ring in their place. If we are fully stocked with volunteers, then we will be able to put all of the kettle campaign funds toward programs that help!

How to sign up: Our website has all the info you could possibly need! Visit: https://www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/durham/christmas/christmas-volunteer for more information. I’ve also attached some photos you are free to share. Our volunteer form is online.

Katherine Bellamy

The Salvation Army of Durham, Orange, and Person Counties