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11/21 Your letters: Betty A. Blalock, G.K. Butterfield, and David Price

No fooling

The Republicans may be fooling some people, but not this elderly, lower-middle-class citizen.

Taking away deductions for medical expenses, giving to charities, property taxes, and who knows what else added at midnight, means a large increase in taxes for the majority of senior citizens, families with young children, church tithers, and the sick. This would mean the largest number of citizens in most states.

So, Republicans give me a $1,500 increase in standard deduction, but take away the $6,000 charitable giving to my church (who by the way spend it mostly for good, unlike the Government), $8,000 in medical expenses even with insurance, and property taxes of over $1,000 in a rural area – no thanks. If you need more money – pay for your own health care – that would help.

The ruling hierarchy majority in North Carolina did this the last two years and increased my state taxes over $400 per year. North Carolina’s current governor in every attempt to correct the misdeeds is thwarted by legislators who cater to the large corporate/industry donors to their campaigns. Now it is happening to our nation, and that means you citizens. Remember this next year at the polls.

Betty A. Blalock


Deja ‘voodoo’

Editor’s note: Congressman David Price (D-NC) issued this statement regarding the passage of the House Republican tax plan.

House Republicans have passed a tax bill that asks working families, students, seniorsand sick people to foot the bill for corporations and the super-rich.

If this plan is enacted, 36 million American families would see a tax increase and our nation's deficit would explode upwards of $1.5 trillion over 10 years. In North Carolina alone, more than 700,000 households earning less than $136,000 a year would see a tax hike.

Rather than crafting a bipartisan plan that supports the middle class, Republicans in Congress have once again embraced the voodoo science of "trickle down economics,” hoping giveaways to corporations will somehow benefit average Americans. As this bill moves through the legislative process, I will continue to advocate for real tax reform that increases wages, grows the economy, and protects middle class families.

U.S. Rep David Price

D-Fourth District

Plan would create hardship

Editor’s note: Congressman G. K. Butterfield issued this statement regarding the passage of the House Republican tax plan.s:

House Republicans voted in favor of a tax hike for 36 million middle-class households, adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit, and robbing $1.5 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid.

The Republican tax plan that passed the House eliminates personal deductions for medical expenses creating further hardship for people facing chronic illness; eliminates deductions for state and local income taxes resulting in higher taxes for people who cannot afford it; and eliminates deductions for interest paid on student loans making a quality education less accessible.

Tax reform should be bipartisan and provide protections for critical programs that working families and small businesses rely on, while ensuring that our country’s top earners and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. That’s what the American people deserve. I remain ready and willing to work across party lines to achieve responsible tax reform. I urge the Senate to reject the House bill and work to achieve real results for the American people.

U.S. Rep G.K. Butterfield

D-First District

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