Letters to the Editor

10/31 Your letters: Jay Zenner, Robert Campbell

Nod goes to Schewel

Like millions of over-educated people before me, I have started to write the next great American novel a dozen times and quit. What always stops me is reading a good book myself and realizing I just don’t have the talent or passion to blow anybody away like I have just been blown away.

I kind of felt the same way about Steve Schewel’s campaign essay in the Oct. 29 issue of the Herald-Sun about food insecurity in the Bull City. He is deep into the details about what is going on now and what the potential is in the future for solving the problem, something I can admire and envy.

As a campaign document, however, it might leave the impression that this is his only issue and I know that’s not true. I have had Mr. Schewel blow me away on several other occasions on important issues including affordable housing and public education. In my limited personal interaction with Mr. Schewel, I’ve found him humble, sincere and genuine.

I don’t know Mr. Ali, who has equal space on the other side of the editorial page, but if Bill Bell endorses him, he must have something going for him. But where Mr. Schewel did a deep dive into one issue, Mr. Ali tried to cover the waterfront with some chest thumping about the boards he has served on and happy talk about proven leadership, commitment, social justice and economic progress. I’d feel better about his candidacy if he had shared a little more about the nuts and bolts of how he approaches any of the issues.

We are fortunate to have two good candidates for mayor and enough momentum as a progressive community that anyone would have to work hard to screw it up, but for me, the nod goes to Mr. Schewel.

Jay Zenner


Great mayor for great city

I am writing this letter to support the re-election of Mayor Pam Hemminger for the Town of Chapel Hill. As mayor of a great city, she will continue to build upon the work that needs to be done and will continue to implement the vision of what this democracy needs and looks like. Her vision is one of whole community as a livable, affordable home for a diverse community, The mayor’s longtime passions include the environment and social justice.

It has been an honor to not only witness the great works that she done within this city, but to also have been able to collaborate with her on many occasions. She has been a mayor that hears the voice of the people. It has been a tremendous journey watching her excel and grow in this leadership role. She has been able to adapt to different municipalities through the community and has worked to help make our life and the environment in which we live better.

Please consider re-electing Mayor Pam Hemminger. I affirm that she will continue to be the platform of us all to speak out against injustice, and will continue to lead us all in a fruitful direction for justice, peace, trust and fellowship.

The Rev. Robert L Campbell

Chapel Hill


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