Letters to the Editor

Transforming our school culture so that all student excel – Joal Broun

We must transform the culture of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to one where all students excel no matter their learning style, socioeconomic status, neighborhood, race, or gender.

To do so, a key first step is to recruit, retain and support quality teachers.

The data is clear - the presence of a quality teacher makes all the difference for every type of learner, especially those who have challenges accessing curriculum. Stories from the classroom support this data and highlight the crucial role teachers play in setting the highest expectations for each student.

Joal Hall Broun
Joal Broun

The school board must continue to work with administration to support learning environments where teachers are emboldened to take risks, provide rigorous instruction for all and highlight the “fun” in the learning process.

The board must ensure that school policies reflect community values. For example, I was recently part of the local decision to adopt a policy that provides more job security for teachers (in the absence of a statewide plan to do so). But we can’t stop there. We know that school environment and morale are central for retaining strong and qualified teachers and if I am fortunate enough to be re-elected to the board I will also work with the board and administration to develop a plan to support principals.

Transforming culture includes providing facilities that support instructional environments for teachers and students. As a board we have identified critical infrastructure needs and are embarking on a long-term plan to upgrade and renovate our older schools. The task now is to work with our stakeholders and partners in the community and at the state level to increase resources to support this plan. As a former Carrboro alderperson, I understand how to do this and what it takes to develop and implement a realistic plan.

In closing I must highlight our most important job: closing the opportunity gap.

To do this we must continue to eliminate disparate discipline, expand restorative practices to all of our schools, and fully implement our equity plan ensuring that all students have the same access to a quality education. Executing these plans will put our district on course to become a place where all students can thrive and grow as part of the school community.

Thank you and I ask you to vote for me, Joal Broun, for Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Board of Education.