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10/09 Your letters: Robert H. Flowers, and Becky Ceartas

Elitist crybabies

An open letter NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

I was a life-long fan of the NFL until just recently. President Trump was spot on when he criticized NFL players for disrespecting our nation's flag and national anthem. You had the opportunity to do the right thing and support our president. Instead you chose to support the participating players in their show of disrespect.

These elitist players, coaches, and owners are the absolute least deserving of the protests they are condoning and/or participating in. How many voted Republican? How many live in multi-million dollar homes? How many ever served in the military? How many tithe their income to their church and/or other worthwhile charities? How many could hold down a regular job? These guys have it all. They make more money in a few months than the average American makes in a lifetime. Yet they think they have the right to protest by disrespecting the country that made it possible for them to have the American dream.

Your own NFL rules are not being enforced. You know - the one about showing respect for the flag and anthem. You are afraid of these elitist crybabies.

You guys have killed the goose laying the golden egg. The NFL is in decline and it's only the beginning. Nothing you can do will ever get me back as a fan/supporter of the league.

I realize you will probably never read this letter. I hope other Americans will as I plan to forward it to as many newspapers as possible with my request and permission for its publication.

Goodbye NFL.

Robert H. Flowers


No time for politics

It’s hard to find the right words after Las Vegas, just as it was after Columbine. And Sandy Hook. And Charleston. And Tampa. And 92 times every day.

We offer our prayers and thoughts out of respect for victims. Yet that rings hollow in the face of such preventable, senseless and repeated carnage. The United States has by far the highest gun death rate of any developed country in the world. Yet Americans aren’t more violent or insane or hate-filled. The explanation is plainly obvious: our incomparably lax gun laws.

This simply must change. As Nicholas Kristoff wrote so eloquently in his New York Times column Preventing Mass Shootings Like the Vegas Strip Attack, we regulate ladders more tightly than guns. Kristoff provides eight simple steps that our nation could take to help address out gun violence epidemic. I urge you to read and share his piece.

Relatively routine actions can seem almost trite at times like this. But they remain important. So please call your member of congress to ask him/her to:

▪ Work across the aisle for comprehensive gun violence reforms

▪ Support the ban on military-style assault weapons

▪ Vote no on the SHARE Act that will deregulate silencers

You can reach your representative through the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

As Kristoff says: “The gun lobby will say that this isn’t a time for politics. But if we can’t learn the lesson from this carnage, then there will be more such shootings – again and again. This is a particularly American tragedy and completely unnecessary. So let’s mourn. But even more important, let’s act.

In a sadly appropriate coincidence the North Carolinians Against Gun Violence board of directors met two days after the Las Vgas shootings. While we were sad, frustrated and outraged, we were also resilient. The importance of addressing gun violence has never been clearer.

Please sign on to our petition against the SHARE Act at bit.ly/2wChAiR.

Becky Ceartas

Chapel Hill


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